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Mr.Pickle (Dog)
• 4/18/2018

Tips for you Writers

I've noticed that this wiki was trolled recently, sorry that this wiki was attacked.

Also, I've read some of the entries made and I have some tips to improve them:

1. Stay away from using "you", use "The player" or "they" instead.

2. Try and keep comments (such as stating that you wrote a lot) off the page as it is irrelevant to the info of the page

3. Refrain from using parenthesis, but when its needed, use them

I'll try to help out around here, this place could use a helping hand, but keep those 3 tips in mind.
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Mr.Pickle (Dog)
• 4/22/2018
Yeah..stupid trollers, they just edit to break the wiki and "have fun"..-_-
• 4/27/2018
I have some tips of my own id like to add:
4. Check after writing, countless mistakes are made that result in multiple edits afterwards
5. State what you changed in the "describe what you changed" page. This makes it so much easier to review what edits were made.
• 5/21/2018
I have a question, is 73 pages a small amount?
• 5/26/2018
At the time this was written we only had about 20ish pages so.... possibly?
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