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• 6/10/2018

An introduction

Hey guys! I stumbled across this wiki a few minutes ago and thought I'd stop by to add some information of my own. I've only been playing since 1.2 (about 3 months ago) but in that time, I've datamined textures, sounds, models, source code, etc. I'm not that great at formatting pages, but I've got plenty of stuff to share and can't wait to get started.

Is there some sort of Discord or group chat where I can get in contact with people, or is discussion located primarily on this board?
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• 6/17/2018
Actually yes, if you need to talk, I have a discord, I posted my discord name on the side of the wiki front page, it has my contact info. Pls enjoy the wiki and if you want to talk, give me an msg on discord
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