Ammunition, more commonly known as Ammo, is an item that was added to Granny in Update 1.4. It is required to make the Shotgun useful (as it will not fire if it's not loaded).

There are twelve rounds of Ammunition in Granny's house, and only one of those rounds can be loaded into the Shotgun at a time. When the Shotgun is fired, the round of Ammunition that has been loaded will be used. Once you have used all of the rounds of Ammunition, the Shotgun becomes mostly useless, as it cannot shoot Granny, the Spider, or the Crow.


The rounds of Ammunition appear in the game as shotgun rounds, and they are painted red with a thin band of cream (assumedly what used to be white, as the rounds are dirty) on one end. This is a common appearance of shotgun rounds.


There are four groups of three rounds of Ammunition located around the house. They appear in rows of 3, and the groups of Ammunition appear at different times. Information about the locations of the groups of Ammo and when they appear is detailed below.

Ammunition Group Location Appearance Time
1 In the Garage As soon as the game starts
2 On the TV Table When the Player assembles the Shotgun
3 On top of the Drawer in Bedroom 1 When the Player assembles the Shotgun
4 On the Table in the Special Room (as of Version 1.5)

When the Player assembles the Shotgun

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