The Attic is a room in Granny. It's the center room in Attic.


In the center of the room, there is a Bloody Mannequin which can be knocked over, and despite making a very soft noise, it can get Granny's attention. There is a Chest at the far end of the room to hide in, and a vent to the left that is covered by the Vent Door known as the Secret Attic Tunnel. This door can be pushed away to gain access to the shortcut which leads to the Bathroom. There is a door near the Chest, which can be opened using the Special Key. On opening, the player will have access to the Special Room.


Generally, the Attic is one of the safest places in the house as Granny rarely wanders up there. It also houses two hiding spots, making it easy to escape from her during a chase on the Upper Floor. Also, when the Unstable Flooring is broken, the Player can look down the hole, making it possible to see Granny's location. Be aware that this is a double-edged sword, as sometimes she will see you through the hole and rush up to your location. Items can be dropped through the hole, calling Granny's attention to the Ground Floor, giving them time to explore the Baby Room, Jail Room, or Special Room.

If the Player is in the Attic and wishes to go downstairs without encountering Granny, they can make noise to lure Granny up to the Attic, then make a one way drop to the Bathroom via the Attic Tunnel vent. This will buy the Player enough time to run downstairs but be aware that the first time this happens, the noise of the grate will alert Granny. Not only this, but on NormalHard or Extreme, the Player will land on a Creaking Floor which will lure her towards that location. The Player should be prepared to leave the Bathroom quickly or hide in the nearby Cabinet.


Painting Piece can be located in the Attic Tunnel.


  • From Version 1.2 to Version 1.5, it was the highest point of the house.
  • When in this room, the ambience will be changed to ghostly screams or wind


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