The Attic Study is a room that was added to Granny in Version 1.2. It can be found in the Attic.

How to Access

At first, the Attic Study's doorway (which is an open doorway) is boarded up with three Planks. These Planks can be knocked down with the Hammer, with noise being made when they hit the floor, which alerts Granny.

Another way to access the Attic Study is by throwing an item from the Attic's Main Room, over the Unstable Flooring, and into the Jail Room. The best item to throw is the Grey Vase in the Starting Bedroom, as it's very easy to collect. However, the easiest item to guarantee this is the Crossbow and Tranquilizer Darts, as you can shoot from a distance.

When you have done this, Granny will make her way to the Jail Room, and to do this she has to bust through the Planks, which she then does. This saves the player time as they don't have to use the Hammer on the Planks.

Description and Spawning

Inside the Attic Study there is a small Chest of Drawers (similar to the one in the Study), the Crib, and a Door which only Granny can use (similar to the door connecting the Dining Room and the Backyard), which connects the Attic Study to the Jail Room.

To see which items can spawn in this room, see Item Locations.

Slendrina and the Alternate Ending

If the Player brings the Teddy to the Crib, and drops it in, Slendrina will appear next to the Crib. A short piano piece will play, and then she will then fade out. Granny will respawn in the Basement, and gameplay will then resume to normal.

Exiting the house after doing this will trigger the Alternate Ending. After this, the Alternate Ending will always play regardless of whether you put the Teddy in the Crib or not.


  • Before Version 1.3, there was no Crib.
  • There is a glitch where you can see into this room from below.
  • There is a glitch where you can make Granny set the Bloody Mannequin up over and over again, but you must make one of the planks knock it over.
  • You can access the Attic Study without the Hammer by throwing an item near the Planks.


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