The Backyard is an area of Granny's house that was added to the game in Version 1.3. It is the only outside area in Granny, and it contains various features and items that are required to escape. One thing to note is that dropping items on the grass creates no noise. Granny will sometimes come here on her own. You can tell she comes out here when you hear her struggling with the locked door.


The Backyard contains the Well, the Playhouse, the Guillotine, the Shed, a Chest that can be hidden in, a Bell Alarm, a Door connecting the Backyard and the Dining Room that only Granny can use, a Window connecting the Backyard and the Dining Room that only the Player can use, and a few wooden palettes. The floor of the Backyard itself is presumably made of grass, and walls around the Backyard are equipped with barbed wire that comes up and in, much like a prison. As of Version 1.7, there is a drain beside the Playhouse that will lead to the Cellar Swamp.


To access the Backyard, the Player can either climb through the Window in the Dining Room, or crawl through the Hidden Tunnel connecting the Hidden Room to the Shed. The door leading to the Backyard is always kept locked, and only Granny can use it. However, the Player can walk through it if they make a noise in the Backyard and then enter after Granny reaches where the sound was made.



  • Granny will make 2 door noises before she enters the Backyard, but only if it is her first time using the Door (as she appears to struggle with the Door). However, if she uses the door a 2nd time, she won't struggle , unless she opens another doors (not the locked doors) .This is also happened when she tries to access The Jail
  • If an item randomly disappears, or glitches into or through a wall, it will usually be found next to the Well.
  • Granny will not normally go to the Backyard unless noise is made. However, she has occasionally been known to go there even if no noise is made there.
  • When in the Backyard, crickets can be heard. They can only be heard here and during the Ending where the Player escapes through the Main Door and if the player gets a game over
  • Sometimes, if the Player crouches behind the Well, Granny might not see them. However, this isn't recommended as you will most likely be spotted, due to the limited surface area of the Well.
  • The Player can hide behind the Playhouse because Granny usually can't see them, but this is not recommended.
  • The Crickets are now quieter since Version 1.7.2.
  • Sometimes, if the player goes in the backyard through the window, they will hear a sound that sounds like the Pepper Spray or the Spider.

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