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The Backyard Lever can be found in the Backyard next to the locked back door, behind a panel with four Screws. It was added in Version 1.3, and can be found in Extra Locks mode.


The Lever is metal grey and has a brown handle.


The 4 Screws need to be unscrewed with the Screwdriver to open the panel. The Player needs to pull the lever to unlock the Metal Lock.

It is required to be pulled to escape on Extreme mode and Extra Locks, and otherwise does not show up.


  • When you pull the Lever down, it will create a sound but does not alert Granny.
  • Even if the Player pulled the lever, he/she can still interact with the Metal Lock on the Main Door, telling them to find "a switch".
  • The Backyard Lever and the Control Panel are the only Main Door locks not on the Main Door.
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