The Bathroom is a room in Granny that is connected to both the Main Room and the Attic (by the attic tunnel). It was added in Version 1.0.


Inside the Bathroom there are 2 sinks, a cracked mirror, a toilet, a bathtub, and a window; as well as a Cabinet that can be hidden in. The floor has a Creaky Floorboard in the center of the room, which causes noise when stepped on.

On the wooden ceiling, there is a vent cover, which can be knocked onto the floor if the player enters the Bathroom via the Attic shortcut for the first time. This vent cover causes noise when it lands on the floor, which alerts Granny. Landing on the floor out of this shortcut also creates noise from the Creaking Floor (except in Easy).



The bathroom is one of the more risky places in the house because it is located right next to the stairs of the main room, which Granny walks past quite often and there is limited hiding places. The best way to search for items in the bathroom is from the beginning of the game, before Granny leaves the basement or when she is knocked out. If the Player searches while Granny is awake, they should avoid walking in the middle of the room due to a Creaky Floor that will attract Granny. If the player accidentally creaks or makes a noise in the bathroom, they should hide quickly in the cabinet, since it is the only hiding place in the room and you can get a perfect view of where the Granny is after leaving the bathroom.

If the player descends through the vent from the Attic Tunnel to the Bathroom, it is recommended that you leave this room quickly and go down the stairs when Granny begins to go down to the bathroom and due to the limited space in the bathroom, Granny can corner the player easily.


  • The toilet and the bathtub both have blood in them, that can be a reference in the bathroom of Child of Slendrina.
  • Despite the floor creaking, the Bathroom floor is seemingly made of stone, rather than wood. This makes the creaking unusual, as a stone floor wouldn't create creaking sounds.
  • Maybe there are floorboards underneath the stone floor.

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