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The Battery on the Main Door.

The Battery is an item in Granny that is required to escape through the main door. The Battery can only be found if the player is playing on Hard ModeExtreme Mode or if Extra Locks is turned on.


To use the Battery, go up to the Main Door and place the Battery in the Battery Lock in the center of the Main Door. This removes the vertical plank.


To find out more, see Item Locations.


The Battery appears in the game as a small, black box. It has a label on one side saying "Battery". There also seems to be a thin, dark yellow line on one side, as well as two gold contacts at the end of the Battery. It is similar in size to that of a D Battery but looks more like a 9-Volt Battery in shape.


  • When you use the Battery on the Main Door, it will make a low-pitched sound similar to a wind-up toy (presumably made by the lock). This sound will alert Granny.
  • The font on the label seems to be close to although not Comic Sans.
  • Since the 1.5 Update, the Battery, Padlock Code and Master Key are not totally required to beat the game and only needed if using the front door method.