The Bell Alarm is a device that alerts Granny to your location once tripped. It makes a ding when set off. It does this as a bell (located on a nearby wall, well out of the Player's reach) will ring if the Player walks over the tripwire connecting it. Bell Alarms cannot be activated by Granny. Granny can be seen jumping off the ground when she walks over the bell alarm.


There are two Bell Alarms in the game:

  • One is located in the Main Room, running across the ground floor section, from the stairs to the Main Door, effectively blocking the Player from crossing straight across from the Basement (or nearby areas) to the stairs.
  • The other one is located in the Backyard, running from the Guillotine to the wall. This one is very easy to avoid as the Player only has to walk around the other side of the Guillotine to access the Playhouse or the Shed.
    • This Bell Alarm is mostly used to lure Granny to the Backyard. However, it is not the only way.

How to avoid this

You can avoid the Main Room alarm by using the U-shaped route on the Ground Floor. Note that this will be time-consuming for users who want to make quick progress. When you go downstairs, turn right to go to the Kitchen, then pass by the Dining Room and Living Room and head into the Study. You will find yourself on the other side of the alarm when you're at the door.

To avoid the other one in the Backyard, go around the side of the Guillotine that is near the Chest.


  • This is possibly one of the easiest hazards to avoid in the game.
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