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The Blue Vase is an item located in the Attic on a shelf adjacent to the Jail Cell. This item is not required to escape from Granny's house, but it is a useful method of luring Granny away, especially through the hole in the Attic floor as this makes her go all the way to the Main Room.


The Blue Vase is obviously coloured blue, and it has been severely weathered, showing the rusting metal underneath. It is made up of a rounded bottom half with a cylindrical top.


  • Another, different-colored version of the vase, can be found in the Starting Bedroom.
  • Unlike its real life counterpart, the Blue Vase is unbreakable. In real life, vases shatter easily.
  • In earlier versions (versions 1.4 and below) the vase would not make an audible sound, but it would still alert Granny of your location.
  • If the Player knocks it over on the shelf, Granny will investigate the Special Room at the Empty Plate. It is unknown why this is.
  • It is lighter when picked up.
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