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The Bookshelf Lever is an object in Granny. It was added in Update 1.5 and it can be found behind the Painting in Bedroom 2.

The main purpose of this lever is to give the Player access to the Bookshelf Room.


The Bookshelf Lever itself is a thin black cuboid. Before the lever is pulled, it faces right. After it has been pulled, it faces to the left. Behind it is a stone/brick wall, framed with a dark gray material. (Probably also stone)


It is recommended to knock down the Painting when Granny is knocked-out, as Granny will hear the Painting fall on the floor and run towards the area if she is awake.

However, if necessary, the Player can place the Book on the pedestal to respawn Granny in the Basement.

Easter Egg

The main usage of this lever is to give the Player access to the Bookshelf Room and unlock the Slendrina's Mom Easter Egg. Go to Bedroom 2 and knock down the Painting. A lever will be behind it shown to the right. Pull it, and the bookshelf in Bedroom 2 will move to the right, revealing the Bookshelf Room.


  • Before Update 1.5, there was nothing behind the Painting in Bedroom 2.
  • Strange enough, when the Player pulls the lever, it creates a noise but it doesn't alert Granny.


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