Boxes are a hazard. When they are knocked over, they create a noise, alerting Granny. There are two types of boxes in the game, each have the same properties but different dimensions.

Appearance & Locations

There are two types of boxes: wooden and cardboard.

Cardboard boxes are rectangular and quite flat, and they are made of a light brown cardboard material. These boxes can be found blocking an entrance to the Secret Area's top floor (from the walk-in closet), and an entrance to the Hidden Closet. These boxes will always be found in stacks of three.

Wooden boxes are more cubic than cardboard boxes, and are composed of several narrow wooden planks. These boxes can be found scattered around the Basement, and two of them can be found stacked on top of each other, blocking the entrance to the Hidden Room (from the Basement).


  • If the player is careful and moves the stacks of boxes in a certain way, the boxes will not make noise, as they will not fall over. If the player is careless, they will fall over and make noise.
  • The cardboard boxes make the same noise as the mannequin.
  • The wooden boxes are the only boxes not to be made of cardboard, and they are also the only boxes that is not stacked three.

Easy to Avoid

Bloody Mannequin, Christmas Tree, Passenger Door, Large Lamp, Gasoline, Blue Vase, Table, Iron Bars, Chair, Grey Vase, Blue Vase


Boxes, Candlesticks, , Girder, Covers, Bear Traps (most can be easily avoided), Unstable Flooring can catch you by surprise, Bell Alarm in the Garden, Metal Panel (can't be avoided if you escape through the door), Hanger, Tin Can, Hanging Plates

Hard to avoid

Bear Traps (some are placed on places it's hard to avoid them), Creaking Floors (memorization is the only way to avoid), Hanging Meat, , Security Camera (can't be avoided, you'll have to break it, which still makes noise), Vent Door (it is necessary to remove it in order to access Attic Tunnel), Jail Door


Bear Traps (some are placed on places you can't avoid them) Guillotine (Granny will kill you with this after Day 5 or 6,

Dangerous when you hit them

Bear Traps, Locked Door


GrannySpiderTeddySpider Cage

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