Boxes are a hazard in Granny. When knocked over, they create a noise, alerting Granny. There are two types of Boxes in the game, each have the same properties but different dimensions.

Appearance and Locations

There are two types of boxes in Granny, Wooden Boxes and Cardboard Boxes.

The Cardboard Boxes are rectangular and quite flat, and they are made of a light brown cardboard material. These Boxes can be found blocking an entrance to the Secret Area's Top Floor (from the Walk-In Closet), and an entrance to the Hidden Closet. These boxes will always be found in stacks of three.

The Wooden Boxes are more cubic than the Cardboard Boxes, are composed of several narrow wooden planks. These Boxes can be found scattered around the Basement, and two of them can be found stacked on top of each other, blocking the entrance to the Hidden Room (from the Basement).


  • If the Player is careful and moves the stacks of Boxes in a certain way, the Boxes will not make noise, as they will not fall over.
    • If the Player is careless, they will fall over.