Candlesticks are a hazard in Granny. They were added to the game in Version 1.0. If the Player walks into them they will get knocked over, and they will fall on the floor. This creates a sound which alerts Granny. Like all hazards, Granny will put a Candlestick back up in its original position if she notices that it has fallen.


The Candlesticks have a base made of either wood or metal. The bottom of the base is large and circular, with cylindrical piece coming off of that. The cylindrical piece gets wider from bottom to top, and on top of the cylindrical piece is a stick of wax. On top of the wax is an unlit candlewick.


There are three Candlesticks inside the house.

Two of them are in the Main Room, and they can be found on each side of the Main Door.

The other Candlestick is found in the Secret Area's Middle Floor, on a shelf opposite the staircase.


The Player can knock down Candlesticks from the Secret Area Middle Floor to lure Granny there so he can search for items in other rooms but it is recommended to be cautious at higher difficulties because Granny moves fast and she can catch the Player before he can hide.

Same strategy can be used on the Candlesticks near the main door.


  • The candlesticks are never lit. They are always unlit.
  • Like any other hazard, they move back when moved.
  • There is a glitch where the candlestick turns white.
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