The Car is a structure added to Granny in the Update 1.4. It can be found in the Garage, and it is a structure that the Player can hide in. It may keep the Player hidden from Granny depending on conditions detailed in the 'Hiding Mechanics' section. The Car also has many compartments that items may spawn in. In the new 1.5 update, the Car is used as an alternate escape method.

The Player opening the trunk of the Car with the Car Key.

Car Mechanics and Properties


The Car has three compartments: The hood (or bonnet), the passenger-side glove box, and the trunk (or boot). The trunk needs to be opened with the Car Key, while the other compartments are open from the start of the game.

To see which items can spawn in these compartments, see Item Locations.

Passenger-Side Door (Right Door)

The Car also has a loose passenger-side door, which can be pulled off. Beware though, as when the door hits the floor, it will create noise, luring Granny into the Garage.

Rear Bumper

The Rear Bumper of the Car is loose, and will fall off if the Player touches it. When it hits the floor, noise is made, alerting Granny, so be careful!


As of the 1.5 update, the Car can be used as an alternate escape method to the Main Door. The Player will need many different tools that spawn around the house which will all go to different parts of the Car, such as Gasoline to fuel up the Car. The Engine Body, Car Battery, Spark Plug and the Wrench is required to fix the unfinished engine in the engine bay. But most importantly, they will need the Car Key to start the car. Exiting the house in this way will trigger the new ending which shows Granny watching the Player take off in the car.

Hiding Mechanics

To hide in the Car, simply stand near the left side of the Car, and then press the Car icon in the top right corner of the screen to immediately hide inside (to get out, do the same thing). The Player will be in the driver seat while hiding. When the Player gets out of the Car, they will be standing next to the driver side door.

The Player can't view through the left, rear left and the rear right windows as they are not transparent. Only the front, right, and rear windows can be seen through properly, as there are no windows there. When inside the Car, you can see Granny, but she can't see you.

Just like the Chest and the Cabinet, if Granny enters the Garage while you are hiding in the Car, she will not notice you and leave shortly after (she may also place a Bear Trap) but if Granny sees you get inside the Car, she will open the door and smack you on the head, as usual.


The Car is a 1956-1965 Moskvitch 402, a compact car that was manufactured by the former Soviet automobile maker MZMA. The Car is a pastel-ish brown and dark brown color, most probably due to corrosion and aging.

The model used for the car is a free model created by AzuzaNyan on TurboSquid. The download to it can be found here.



  • The back bumper hitting the ground.
  • The passenger side door falling over.
  • The passenger side door hitting the ground.

Doors and Compartments

  • Opening the trunk/hood.
  • Closing the trunk/hood.
  • Using the driver side door.
CarDoor 1
  • Opening the glove compartment.


  • Using the Car Key on the ignition.
  • Sound produced by the running engine.
  • The engine turning off when the Player gets out of the car.


  • Backing the car up.
  • Bumping the car against the Garage staircase.
  • Speeding forward.
  • Crashing into the plywood barrier.
  • Driving past the camera in the Car ending.


  • During the Car escape, the Player does not appear to be in the Car, as if the Car had no driver.
  • The Car model is actually reused from a game entitled "Slendrina: The Forest", a game created by the same developer (DVloper). In that game, the Moskvitch 402 also appears, but it cannot be driven, and it lacks an interior. The Moskvitch 402 in that game is also a different color.
  • Occasionally, Granny may place a Bear Trap directly in front of the driver's door, forcing the Player to step on it. This usually results in getting knocked out, unless you can free yourself from the Bear Trap and hide inside the Car again before Granny enters the Garage.
  • It is suspected that the Car may belong to the Previous Victim of Granny because, in the message they left (written on the Note), they mentioned that their car broke down and then they were attacked by Granny.
  • When the engine is assembled, it appears to be a 3-cylinder engine, which is not the Moskvitch 402's real life powerplant.
    • However when the player starts up and attempt to break down the concrete wall to escape, the Car will sound like a 6-cyliner engine. This is probably a developer oversight.
  • The Car is in the Basement and the Garage door is walled off, so it is unknown how Granny put the Car in the Garage in the first place.
    • It’s possible that she drove it inside, removed the engine, and walled off the Garage door, but no one is sure.
  • The player can use the car to run over Granny and knock her out
  • If the player attempts to interact with the engine (where the Engine Part would go) the message given has a grammatical error, stating ”I need a engine part”. If correct, the phrase would read ”I need an engine part”