Hazardous items (or Hazards) are in this category. These items can be a disadvantage to the player as they can lure Granny to the Player and she can knock them out, or kill them if on their last day.

The louder the noise, the more time it will take for Granny to lose focus and wander around, especially on higher difficulties.

Audio hazards are divided into:


Very Low

Bloody Mannequin, Christmas Tree


Boxes, Candlesticks, Table, Girder, Covers, Passenger Door


Bear Traps, Bell Alarm, Chair, Creaking Floors, Grey Vase, Blue Vase, Hanger, Hanging Meat, Hanging Plates, Tin Can, Large Lamp, Security Camera, Vent Door, Metal Panel, Spectral Rats


Guillotine, Jail Door, Unstable Flooring, Iron Bars, Gasoline


Locked Door


GrannySpiderTeddySpider Cage

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