The Chair is a hazard in Granny. It was added in Update 1.0 and it can be found in Bedroom 2. Like most free-standing hazards, it can be knocked over, which will get Granny's attention.


The Chair is a simple wooden chair - 4 legs, a base to sit on and a back rest. The Chair is entirely made of wood.


  • When Granny respawns in this room, she will almost always knock over the chair when going to investigate the most recent noise made. This is useful for us to know that she respawned in this location. The same happens with the metal panel leaning against a pillar in the Basement when she respawns there.
  • Sometimes, if you hide under the Bed in Bedroom 2, Granny will come to investigate. She will then try to exit through the Bedroom 2 door, and in the process knock the chair over. This could repeat on and on for an extended period of time.