• No vulgarity/profanity
  • No spamming/vandalism
  • No spamming accounts
  • No farming achievements/edits
  • No plagiarizing
  • Do not edit other users user pages
  • No creating new category types without permission from an administrator or content moderator.
  • Useless posts.
  • Do not share your email and password, we strongly encourage you to protect your personal information. In all cases, you are not allowed to share personal information of others.

Discuss, Blog Rules

  • Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.
  • Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
  • Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been blocked and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be blocked.
  • Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being blocked.
  • Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via
  • A paid version was released for PC on Steam, so we do not tolerate users requesting or disclosing free download websites, this violates DVloper's copyright.

Staff Responsibilities

Being a staff brings together these responsibilities.

  • Being able to quickly rollback undesirable edits.
  • Deleting and restoring pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or autoconfirmed status.
  • Blocking users from editing.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages and skins.

Non-Mandatory Rules

These are rules that are not obligatory but are good at doing.

  • Do not hesitate to add information if the information you know is not on the page.
  • If you make a big change to a page, state the reason for doing so.
  • Do not add unnecessary images.
    • It makes it harder to find a image from one place, so the images need to be uploaded again.
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