The Control Panel is an important object in Granny. It was added in Update 1.0 and is found in the Basement. It is required for escaping via the Main Door.


At first, the Control Panel is covered by a Cover Panel. The Cover Panel has to be knocked off in order to access the Control Panel. To knock this panel off, the Player simply has to push it off. When the Cover Panel is knocked off, it creates noise when it lands on the floor, alerting Granny.

The most important aspect of the Control Panel is the blue wire, a wire that is just like the one on one of the locks on the Main Door. This wire can be cut with the Cutting Pliers. This will turn the bottom LED on the Wire Lock green.


The outside of the Control Panel, as well as the Cover Panel, is made of a light-blue, but very rusted metal. The inside of the Control Panel features a square of dark gray material in the middle.

On top of this square are four rings (which seem to illuminate the inside of the Control Panel), each with a circle inside (the circles are different colors - the top left circle is black, the top right circle is white, and the bottom two circles are gray).

On the top side of the dark-gray square are two wires - one blue wire (the one that can be interacted with) and a black wire. These wires are connected to a thicker black wire that extends off of the top of the outside of the Control Panel (this thicker black wire presumably connects to the electric lock on the Main Door).



  • The Control Panel and the Backyard Lever are the only Main Door locks not on the Main Door.
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