Controls allow the Player to play and navigate in the mobile version of Granny. The PC version uses keyboard and mouse controls instead.

Player Icon

Crouch and stand up (C in PC version).


Pick up and uses items, opens doors and go through the Backyard window (E in PC version).


Only visible when the Shotgun and Crossbow is loaded, used to fire (left-click in the PC version).


Used to leave any item, almost always makes a noise. SPACE in the PC version.


Used to move (walk/crouch walk) in the game (W, A, S, D in the PC version).


Changes sensitivity, pauses/resumes game and offers a way to restart the game (ESC in PC version).

Gasoline Filler

Used to fill the Gasoline Tank in the Car.

Gasoline Level

Shows the gasoline in the gasoline tank. Different colors indicate how full the tank is.


Starts the Car.

Down Arrow

Used to hide in a Chest, Bed, or the Car.

Up Arrow

Get out from hiding in a Chest, Bed, or the Car.

Used to get in and out of the Car.

Used to get in and out of the Chest.

Used to get in and out of the Bed.


Used to unlock the Stair Closet door once you have the Remote Control.


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