Creaking Floors are a hazard in Granny. As the name implies, when you step on one, it creates a creaking sound that alerts Granny and leads her to your location.

Refer to the gallery below for the exact locations, both for Practise/Normal/Hard and Extreme.

Difficulty Variation

When playing on Easy mode, they are completely removed, allowing for safer navigation.

The exact opposite is true when playing on Extreme mode. They have been greatly enlarged, making them impossible to avoid. Additionally, another creaking floor is added to the Secret Area Top Floor, between the stack of boxes and cabinet.


  • The sound made when stepping on a Creaking Floor.
  • The sound made when stepping on a Creaking Floor pre-Version 1.2. (See Trivia)


  • The sound caused by Creaking Floors was much quieter in Version 1.1 and before, making them almost inaudible over the music and other sound effects. Their volume was increased by about 13 decibels in Version 1.2 to solve this problem.
  • The floor in the Bathroom is made of marble tile, which makes no sense as it creates the same noise as creaky wooden floorboards.
  • The floor creaks right under the Attic Tunnel, so when you drop through, Granny will most likely hear you landing on the ground and immediately come to your position.
    • It is possible albeit VERY difficult to avoid landing on the creaking floor, although it doesn't happen often enough to be used as a viable strategy.
  • There are a few discrepancies between the "KnarrPoints" and "KnarrPointsExtreme" group in the Unity editor, resulting from their split in Version 1.3.2.
    • The creaking floor in front of the Backyard window in the dining room is the same size and resides in the same location in both groups, unlike every other creaking floor which was expanded in Extreme.
    • The creaking floor in the Special Room doesn't exist in Extreme, as DVloper only added it to the "KnarrPoints" group. This was presumably a mistake, although it could have been done purposefully due to the lack of a hiding location on the top floor and relatively short period of time that Granny can be knocked out.

Creaking Locations (Practise, Normal, and Hard)

Creaking Locations (Extreme)

How to Avoid

  • Generally, walking against the walls of rooms and avoiding the middle is a good way to avoid creaking floors on most difficulties. However, on Extreme they are too large to be avoided and are intentionally placed in the most problematic spots possible, so the player must simply be quick and crafty in order to avoid Granny's chase.
  • The creaking floor in the Bathroom makes it somewhat dangerous to search the sinks, toilet, and bathtub to an inexperienced player. It can be safely avoided by either hugging the sinks, or more easily by simply walking against the wall near the window.
  • The creaking floor between the door of the two Upper Floor bedrooms can only be avoided by hugging the wall, not the railing around the staircase.
  • The creaking floor in Bedroom 1 is extremely easy to walk around, just hug the wall next to the bed.
  • The creaking floor in the Study is almost impossible to hit accidentally, as the only item that could possibly bait the player in its direction is the Painting Piece that spawns on the armchair.
  • The creaking floor in the Dining Room can be very problematic, as it makes it dangerous to walk down the middle of the room. Additionally, there is a painting and small table against the left wall, making it dangerous to walk down that side, and a lamp by the right wall, making it dangerous to walk down that side as well. Make sure that whichever side you pick, you are extremely careful to avoid walking too close to the center as well as extremely careful to not bump into any furniture.
  • When approaching the Backyard window, make sure you always go around the left side of the table, or open the showcase from the right side. Stepping in between the two will definitely create noise and draw Granny's attention.
  • Avoiding the creaking floor in front of the Kitchen refrigerator is made more difficult by the painting on the left wall, meaning the player must be very careful to avoid touching the painting or stepping too close towards the cupboards if they wish to open the refrigerator without alerting Granny.
  • The creaking floor in the Attic by the Jail is only dangerous if the player attempts to approach the shelf with the rusty vase or the Security Camera. In case you are visiting the shelf, make sure you stick close to it, but not close enough to knock over the vase. In case you are visiting the Security Camera, go to the left side of the room, then walk against the bars to the corner of the room. Take note that smashing the Security Camera with the Hammer will still create noise, so have a backup plan ready.
  • The creaking floor in the Special Room is strategically placed in front of the red button used to trap the Spider. Stepping close to the button makes it easier to hit with the Crossbow or Shotgun, but a careless player will take a more direct route and step on the creaky floorboard, calling Granny's attention to them. Make sure you approach the button while hanging as close to the railing around the staircase as possible.