The Crossbow is a key item in Granny that was added in Update 1.1. It's primary and only use is to fire Tranquilizer Darts. It is located in the Weapon Cabinet in the Secret Area's Top Floor, which is accessed with the Weapon Key.


The Crossbow appears to be a home-made style crossbow. The frame, arc and the trigger is likely made from metal. And it consists a wooden handle to finish the design's touch. The arc also has a high-tensile bowstring attached to make it work properly.


The Crossbow's usage is to fire Tranquilizer Darts. The Tranquilizer Darts can be used to knock out Granny, or they can be used to knock the Screwdriver (and Gasoline Can) off of the shelf in the Main Room.


  • The crossbow's arc was mistakenly removed in 1.3.2, resulting in it looking more like a pistol.
    • The model was fixed and the arc added back in the 1.4 update.
  • It is no longer required to beat the game if the Player assembles the Shotgun, as they can then shoot the Screwdriver off of the shelf with a Shotgun Bullet. However, the Weapon Key is generally much easier to obtain than the Shotgun Parts.
  • If the Player drops the Crossbow while a Tranquilizer Dart is loaded, both items will drop separately, and the Tranquilizer Dart will fall out of the Crossbow.
  • The Crossbow can be used to shoot a button, trapping the Spider. The shotgun can do the same. However, this is very hard to pull off.
    • It should be noted that, however, the crossbow will have no effect on the spider itself, as attempting to fire a dart at it will only provoke it and cause it to start chasing the player, resulting in almost certain death.
  • Shooting the Crossbow itself doesn't make noise. Rather, it is the sound made when the Tranquilizer Darts land that attracts Granny's attention.


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