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The Cutting Pliers is a tool and one of the key items in Granny. They were added in Version 1.0, and they are required to escape Granny's house, even with the car.


The Cutting Pliers are always needed to escape, regardless of what escape route you choose, as they are used for three things:

  • Cutting the power supply to the Jail Ventilator to access the item inside (will always contain an item for the Car).
  • Cutting the wire behind the panel in the Basement to turn the bottom part of the Wire Lock on the Main Door green.
  • Cutting the wire on the Wire Lock on the Main Door to turn the top part of the Wire Lock green.

Appearance and Properties

The handles of the Cutting Pliers are green in color, and the actual pliers are seemingly made of metal. They are normally sized for Cutting Pliers, and they are heavy enough to activate Bear Traps. The metal part of the Cutting Pliers actually has a bit of blood on it, which suggests that Granny may have used them to injure victims in the past, or her victims may have used them to fight back.


The following places are locations that the Cutting Pliers may spawn at:


  • This is one of the Key Items because you need it to cut the Jail Ventilator wire, which stops the fan and allows you to get the important item for either escaping procedure.
  • This and the Hammer are one of the few original tools that were needed to beat the game in Version 1.0. The Hammer is needed for the Bottom Plank and the pliers are needed for the Wire Lock.
  • Currently, itself and the Padlock Key are the only items that are always required to escape.
  • Unless performing glitches, then the Hammer is always required to escape too.
  • When the Player interacts something the Cutting Pliers is needed, he says: "I need a cutting pliers" which is incorrect English. The correction is, "I need a pair of cutting pliers", or “I need some cutting pliers”.
  • The Cutting Pliers used to spawn in the bucket of the Well and in the Dining Room's Wardrobe.
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