What the start of each Day (in this case Day 5) looks like on the mobile version.

In Granny, there are a total of five days given to the Player (six if you manage to assemble the Painting). Each Day counts as an escape attempt and when your five (or six) days are up, you will get a Game Over.

During each Day, there is no time limit. However, the Day immediately ends if the Player is caught by Granny, is bitten by the Spider or falls through the hole in the Attic.

Each Day starts with the Player waking up in the Starting Bedroom.


Day 1

This is the very first Day at the start of the game. No doors have been locked (excluding the Door between the Dining Room and the Backyard, and the door between the Jail Cell and the Baby Room; as these Doors are always locked and only Granny can open them). The Player does not appear to be injured at all, despite the fact that the Player was most likely hit by Granny's bat and was dragged into the Starting Bedroom before the events of the game (as seen in the PC version).

Day 2

If the Player gets to Day 2, they will find that they wake up with a slight limp. They will also find that the Door to the Starting Bedroom has been locked by Granny. In order to leave their room, the Player must lure her into opening the Door by making noise, whether it be by knocking the Table over, dropping the Vase on the floor, or knocking over the Painting. She will rush upstairs and unlock the Door to investigate, leaving it unlocked after she leaves.

On Practice mode, due to Granny being absent from the House, the Door will not be locked.

Day 3

The Player's limp has gotten more noticeable. The Door connecting the Main Room and Bedroom 2 is now locked in its place and will stay locked through all future days until Granny is lured into unlocking it.

Once again, in Practice mode, this Door will not be locked.

Day 4

There is now blood visible on the screen and leaking on to the bed where the Player wakes up. There are no new locked Doors today or on any future Days.

Day 5

This is the last day you have to escape unless you unlock the Bonus Day. Otherwise, if you get caught, you will get a Game Over.

Bonus Day


What the start of the Bonus Day (Day 6) looks like on mobile.

This Day can only be unlocked by completing the Painting in the Basement by finding all of the Painting Pieces. If the Player gets caught today then it is an unconditional Game Over.