The Dining Room is a room that was added to Granny in Update 1.0. This room is connected to the Kitchen, the Living Room, and the Backyard.


Inside the Dining Room, there is a dining table with 4, dark red leather chairs - 2 chairs on each side. This room also contains a Table, a shelf, and a wardrobe.

There is also a door leading to the Backyard that only Granny can normally use, and a window that only the Player can use to get out to the Backyard. There is a Creaky Floor in front of the Window, so be careful.


Being on the Ground Floor and openly connected to two other rooms, this room isn't recommended to stay in for a very long time. However, very few items spawn in this room so there isn't much need for the Player to be spending excessive amount of time here. Granny will sometimes respawn in the Living Room which is right beside this room and could be technically counted as one room due to no doors, which makes it slightly risky (especially on Extreme) even if she respawns at the other side of the big room.

This room is commonly used as a passage to the Backyard by both the Player and Granny. If any noise is made or the Player is in pursuit from her, they can run out to the Backyard via the Window but they should take into account that in Normal mode and above, there is a creaking floor right in front of the Window and in Hard or Extreme mode, Granny will often head out to the Backyard after the Player creaks due to her increased speed and the Player should be careful. If Granny is wandering around this area, the Player can crouch and hide behind the Table, but this is not recommended because she may find you.


Only some items spawn here.

For more information on this, see Item Locations.




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