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The Empty Plate is a small structure found in the Special Room. Its only function, at the moment, is to put the Meat on top of it to distract the Spider so that the Player can reach the Locker.


As in the name, it is an empty plate that is placed on the left corner of the Special Room, diagonally facing the Spider Cage. It is made of galvanized iron and surrounded/stained with dirt marks, probably from the Meat the Spider is usually fed.

The left side of the Plate marks the Spider's aggro, so the Player should be careful and stay around the right side of the Plate at the corner.

Once the Meat is placed on it, the Spider will run straight for the Meat and eat it for about 10 seconds, allowing the Player to cross to the Locker. More details on that can be read on Room Strategies.


  • In Darker Mode, the dirt marks around the Plate will glow possibly due to an engine limitation, causing it to be completely visible in the surrounding darkness and easily show the Player where the Plate is.
  • The plates mechanics is the exact same for the Empty Bowl, except that the Meat can only be used once, and the Birdseed can be used infinitely.


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