The Engine Part is a new item added to Granny in the 1.5 update. It is required for the alternate escape method.


The Engine Part appears to be the part of the engine block. It is made out of metal. It also has 3 holes on the top surface, suggesting that it is a 3-cylinder engine.


Once found, the player has to put it into the Car's engine bay, then tighten it up with the Wrench.



  • For now, it's the second biggest item in the game, after the Plank.
  • If the player attempts to interact with the engine (where the Engine Part would go) the message given has a grammatical error, stating ”I need a engine part”. If correct, the phrase would read ”I need an engine part”
  • In the original mobile release of version 1.5, the Engine Part used a smooth, galvanized iron texture. However, it was changed in the PC port to resemble bare, scratched metal.
  • When dropping the Engine Part, it makes the same exact sound as the Freeze Trap.
  • It used to spawn on a shelf in the Jail.
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