The Garage is a place that was added to Granny in Update 1.4, and it can be found beneath the Basement.


Inside the Garage, there is an old Car, a table with a blueprint of a single-barreled Shotgun, a Cabinet, a series of shelves, a Sauna and of course the Garage door.


Items may spawn in various areas of the Garage (more specifically the Car).

To see what items can spawn in the Garage, see Tool Positions.


The Garage is generally one of the safest places in the house to explore, as like the Attic, Special Room, Backyard, Basement, and the lower two floors of the Secret Area, Granny usually won't come down here unless a noise is made by the Player. However, there are a few hazards here, most notably the Car bumper and the Garage Padlock, in which the former can be easily knocked over when attempting to open the Car Trunk or when walking past the Car. To avoid knocking the bumper over the Player should carefully stay far from it, as even walking near the bumper can cause it to fall, alerting Granny. If the Player makes a sound here (most often from knocking over the bumper or unlocking the padlock), the best place to hide would be in the Cabinet, as the cabinet will give you a perfect view of the room, including the stairs, whereas the Car only lets you see the front and back views of the Garage. This is because leaving the Garage after making a noise would be too risky, as there is only one way to exit the Garage, compared to three when in the Basement.

The Garage Cabinet is also your best bet for hiding if you wish to trap Granny in the Sauna, as when hiding in the Car you cannot see the Sauna Door. However, it is a bit riskier when attempting to pull it off, as the Car is much closer to the Sauna Door than the Cabinet is.


  • It is unknown if Granny has the ability to drive, and it is also unknown if she is even allowed to drive.
  • Just like the Attic, Special Room, Backyard, Basement and the Secret Area, Granny won't usually come down to the Garage on her own. She will usually only come to the Garage if a noise is made.
  • Before 1.5, if the Player opened up the Garage door, they would see a brick wall blocking the Garage exit. There was bloody text on the wall reading "You can not escape!"
  • Somehow, Granny got the car in the garage, even though the garage is most likely underground. This is made even stranger by the fact that her garage door opens straight into a subterranean tunnel.




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