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The Unfreeze Player glitch.

Glitches happen when the game works as it is not supposed to. Sometimes glitches are helpful, and sometimes glitches can hinder the player, and sometimes have no meaningful effect on the game.


Ultimate Spider Attic Glitch

Founder: HazmatCat

This glitch involves the bloody mannequin. To trigger it, simply knock it down and stand in the position where it would be standing up when you reset it. It is recommended to do this in practice mode. Once the mannequin respawns, you should glitch upwards for a split second and hear the spider hiss at you. Sometimes, you may die. Other times, the spider will follow your location but only stay on its floor. If you go on the stairwell, the spider will float above you and glitch, but it wont attack you. Occasionally, the spider teleports to the attic.

Spider glitching above your head!

IMG 1610.PNG

Spider Glitching and coming into the Attic


Founder: Unknown

Normal Invisible Glitch

This glitch makes the Player invisible to Granny, and Granny will not attack the player. Beware that it will not stop noise from happening, it will not stop bear traps from activating, and falling from the attic still knocks the player out, although they stay invisible. To do this glitch, go to the attic, crouch, go to the vent door and push it in the vent. If the door disappears, that means you have become invisible. However, this does not always work. Also, this causes a lot of lag and other negative side effects, making this glitch not recommended. A better alternative is the Freeze Granny glitch. This glitch was patched in Version 1.5.

  • There was, however, a glitch in 1.5 that made the player semi-invisible and that could be done multiple times during a game. With Granny spotting the player and approaching, the player would crouch and then stand, to seem invisible to Granny throughout her "investigation", as long as the camera wasn't moved (however dropping items and remaining invisible was possible). She would usually drop a bear trap, and then move on, with a distorted voice and lagging movement animation for a couple of seconds until she would be out of range of the player. This glitch would even let the player pick up and hold the Teddy without her killing them, simply by crouching and standing up. This made the glitch useful in games as it could be used anywhere and anytime.

Invisible Glitch with the Pepper Spray

If the Player retrieves the Pepper Spray and heads up to the Attic and when Granny comes, spray her and then immediately fall through the Unstable Flooring, this will cause them to die and be totally invisible to her the next day. However, if they use the Pepper Spray on her again she will go blind and then revert back to normal after 30 seconds.

This glitch existed from version 1.6 to version 1.6.1 and was patched in version 1.7.

Now, since version 1.7, you can do the now working Freeze Granny glitch, then spray her with the Pepper Spray. this will cause you to become invisible to Granny and she will go to the location she would have if you hadn't frozen her. After she reaches it she will stop and walk in place, and nothing else can effect her after this.

See your own death glitch

Founder: HazmatCat2004

This is a glitch in Granny that is somewhat rare and specific. To trigger it, go to the Attic and lure Granny to the Unstable Flooring. Next, once Granny is there, fall through the hole while spamming the crouching button. When you get down, Granny will scream but you will hit the ground and make a crunch, at the same time. Repeat this on Day 2. On Day 3, run to Granny and she will knock you out. This will start to glitch. When you wake up, the screen will be a bit darker and you won't get out of bed with the animation. Repeat the Day 1 method for day 4. Now, on day 5, just get knocked out by Granny ASAP. When you wake up, you will hear the game over music playing, and then you will spawn in the Starting Bedroom. Walk towards the death scene, and you will watch Granny kill an invisible person, without running in to the duplicate. Besides, the Granny at the death scene is not solid, you can walk through her. This glitch is very common if you do it right. A video of this can be seen here.

There is a faster and easier method to trigger this glitch: head towards the Basement and approach Granny as fast as possible you can, you will be knocked out. Repeat the Day 1 method for the other Days. On Day 4, if the Player wakes up immediately (there is no waking up cut scene), you did it right. Now, just get knocked out by Granny ASAP on Day 5. A video of this can be seen here.

This glitch was once patched in Version 1.5 and returned in Version 1.7.3.

Speedy Crawling with see your own death glitch.

Sometimes, when you trigger the glitch above, you will wake up crouching. You will crouch really fast. If you stand up, the glitch resets.

Duplicate Granny with see your own death glitch.

This is a weird glitch. When witnessing your own death, there will be 2 Granny at the same time: one at the kill scene, and another one in the Basement and this Granny will walk towards your location. Beware, if you go near the moving Granny, she will knock you out. Then, the Game Over scene will continue. This glitch can be seen in the Attic and the Basement endings.

Freeze Granny

Founder: Unknown

This glitch freezes Granny in place unless the Player gets knocked out from falling from the Attic or gets bitten by the Spider. First, when you spawn, grab the vase. Then, stand in front of the Bed and drop it. Hide under the bed. Wait for Granny to come. When Granny turns away, hit the bed icon twice. If you do it quickly enough, Granny will turn around but not attack you. When she turns away, do it again. Granny is now frozen in place. She will not even go to the player they are holding the Teddy. Sometimes, if the player leaves the bed after the glitch is supposed to be completed, the player will get knocked out without the animation playing. Alternatively, the player can crouch behind the bed and spam tap the bed button when Granny comes, but there isn't a sure 100% chance that this will work.

  • When using the Pepper Spray on Granny after the glitch is done combined with teleporting her to the Basement (by placing the Book on the lectern in the Bookshelf Room), she will wipe her face and eyes, and begin moving upstairs very oddly, with all of her animations out of order except for the face wiping animation next time it is used. Some more testing is needed, though, to establish whether the glitch makes her take the same route and halt at the same spots every time.
  • This glitch is still possible in Version 1.7.3 (with the exception of Easy) as long as the Player crouches in the corner and spams the bed button. This glitch will work since Day 2, although the chance of this happening is very small since Day 3. Keep in mind: once the glitch is activated, the Teddy can't be delivered anymore. Therefore, it prevents the Player from receiving the Secret Ending. A video of it can be seen here.
  • This glitch can also be done by placing the Freeze Trap in front of the Baby Room and luring her there and delivering Teddy when she steps on the trap which will cause her to be stuck on the Basement spot. However, unlike the previous method, Granny won't be able to attack you anymore even if you get knocked out. This is a safer and better method. A video of this can be seen here.

Granny Delayed Investigation Glitch

Founder: HazmatCat

This glitch makes Granny get stuck while investigating. To trigger it, grab an item and go towards the Hidden Room. Next, drop the item on the table in the Hidden Room. It will make a noise. Granny should come and stand right next to the entrance, and will not knock you out. She will stay there investigating for two minutes or more. She will stay there for two minutes or more unless you make a noise or she sees you. Keep in mind that the free time to explore the house without risk of running into her only is true if you make no other noise. After she is done investigating, she will walk extremely quickly around the basement for a few seconds, and then resets back to normal. During this glitch Granny may also rapidly vibrate while moving slowly, which is unusual.

Bed Teleportation 

Founder: Unknown

This glitch allows the player to be able to teleport under their starting bed whenever they like. First, the player must stand in front of their bed and begin walking forward. Then, they must repeatedly enter and leave their bed while continuing to move forward. Eventually, when the player leaves their bed, they will be all the way on the other side of the room yet they will still be able to go under the bed as they please. However, if the player teleports under their bed while in pursuit by Granny, Granny will begin running towards the bed the player is in and will catch the player if they do not teleport back out of the bed. A video of this can seen here

This glitch was patched in Version 1.5

Item Disappearing Glitch

Founder: Unknown

Sometimes when dropping items, they will glitch through the wall or through another surface. This is most noticeable in the secret tunnel in the basement and the playhouse, and most easy to do with dropping a hammer (probably because of its large size). Also when you drop objects near the edge of the inside of the playhouse, Granny's arm or bat might stick through the wall. Often, the glitching items will spawn next to the Well in the Backyard but sometimes they will just disappear meaning the Player will have to restart. This can also happen if the player falls down the Attic hole upon holding an item.

Hidden Closet Glitch

Founder: Unknown

If Granny is standing right beside the doorway of the Hidden Closet and the player stands up while in close proximity to the doorway, it is almost guaranteed that Granny will knock them out. It is unknown whether if this is a glitch or if it is intentional.

This glitch is still working in Version 1.7.3

Hidden Room Glitch

Founder: Unknown

This glitch is very similar to the Hidden Closet glitch, except that Granny can and will see you inside the Hidden Room when lured close to the Hidden Room doorway. Like that Hidden Closet Glitch, the player is guaranteed a knockout unless he/she goes inside the Hidden Tunnel fast enough. This makes the Hidden Room a bad spot for hiding, especially if you're trying to lure Granny to the Basement.

This glitch was patched in Version 1.6

Shoot Granny Glitch

Founder: Unknown

If the player shoots Granny right when Granny is about to hit the player, he/she will still be knocked out. However, on the start of the next day Granny will be unconscious and the Player will have to wait a certain amount of time until Granny becomes active again. It can be used as an advantage to give the Player a "head start". Upon Version 1.7, when doing this on Day 1, the player will get a head start (as the door is not locked on Day 2 anymore).

Plank Glitch

Founder: Unknown

Baby Room

If the Player throws an item near the Planks and hides in the Vent or the Chest nearby, Granny will knock the Planks down and leave. It's unknown if this is a glitch or intentional.

This glitch is still working in Version 1.7.3

Abandoned House Closet

Just like the Planks in the Baby Room, the Player needs to throw an item near the Planks and hides. Granny will knock the Planks down and leave, but it's much riskier than the trick used in the Baby Room since there are fewer hiding places, and the Player may step on the Creaking Floor nearby if they aren't careful enough, thus, ruining the trick. You can also crawl right through them.

The crow room glitches, however, were patched in Version 1.7.1

Screwdriver Glitch

Founder: Unknown

When they spawn, the Player must retrieve the Grey Vase from the Starting Bedroom and go to the Bathroom. They must go to the left corner of the wall at the other side of the Screwdriver shelf, in-between the sinks and toilet and stand right at it and drop the vase. When at the right spot, the Vase will go through the wall rather than falling to the floor and it'll cause the Screwdriver to fall off the shelf making it obtainable without a Tranquilizer Dart or Shotgun. If Granny is present she will investigate the Study. A video of this can be seen here.

The glitch is still working in Version 1.7.3

Speedy Crawling Glitch

Founder: Unknown

To do this glitch, the player must assemble the Shotgun then grab the Gasoline Can. The Player must drop the Gasoline Can, stand next to it, crouch, and shoot it with the Shotgun. The player will die and will go to the next day. When the player gets up from the starting bed, they will automatically crouch and will move at the speed of the Player crouching and standing at the same time. Once you stand up after activating the glitch, the Player's speed resets to normal.

This glitch was patched in Version 1.6

Now, you can lure Granny over to you and when she hits you and the screen turns black, press where the crouch button was. Then, the next day the speedy crawling glitch will happen.

Another new speedy crawling glitch can occur in see your own death. Mentioned above.

Cabinet Floor Item Clip Glitch

Founder: Unknown

To perform this glitch, the Player simply has to grab an item (currently, the only item tested to work is the Vase) and enter the Cabinet in the Starting Bedroom. Then, they must crouch, face downwards and drop the vase. If done correctly, they should hear a few clinking sounds in the ground, then the vase will fall to the floor below, drawing Granny to that location. This is especially effective when you wake up after getting knocked out or when you begin a game, as it will give you time to explore the upstairs, Garage, Basement or Attic. As of Version 1.7.3, this glitch is still working.

  • The vase will usually appear either on the ground or on the wooden shelf in the Dining Room, however, it will occasionally fall through the entirety of the house, causing it to respawn beside the Well.

Shotgun Reload Failure Glitch

Founder: Unknown

Currently, if you were to load the shotgun, then drop it, after picking it back up there is a 2% chance that no “shoot” button will appear. The gun looks as if it is loaded, and when you attempt to load it again a message appears telling you that the gun is indeed, loaded. There is no known fix to this glitch.

Secret Tunnel bug

Founder: Unknown

Quite often, if you lure Granny to a side of the Secret Tunnel and attempt to exit out the other side, she will see you through the tunnel and run back to your location. Although this glitch mostly happens when you lure Granny to the Basement side, it can also happen when you lure her to the Secret Area side. A way to prevent this is to not exit the tunnel until Granny starts looking (which is when she stands still investigating), as a lot of Players tend to exit the tunnel while Granny is still walking down the stairs. However, this won't always work and sometimes you might need to do several tries until you succeed, in which Granny doesn't run back up the stairs once you exit the tunnel. Most of the time she will stop running and get confused and look around by the time she leaves the Basement, but it is always advised to drop an item again in the Basement to make sure she hasn't gone to the Secret Area side or vice versa.

Bloody Mannequin Glitch

Founder: Unknown

This is a bug that can affect the game in both ways. If you manage to get the Planks out and make at least 1 of them knock the Bloody Mannequin down, it will always get knocked down when Granny sets it up, thus making Granny stay in place.

Standing On Top of Granny's Head Glitch

Founder: Unknown

This glitch is performed by dropping an item onto the Bathroom Floor from within the Attic Tunnel and then falling down onto Granny's head as she is entering the room to inspect the noise. Granny will freeze in position with you "standing" on her head and keep looking around and even drop Bear Traps. Sometimes you land right next to her and will be really close but she won't knock you out as long as you remain on the spot. In some instances you may even climb up to her head by clicking the Crouch / Stand button. If you manage to stand on her head long enough, with the camera "shaking" you may even end up in such a view that allows you to see what Granny looks like from the inside. This glitch is shown in several YouTube videos and is still possible in Version 1.5.

Beyond the Garage Door Glitch

Founder: Unknown

To do this glitch, the player must lure Granny to the Garage and be prepared to shoot her with a Tranquilizer Dart or a Shotgun Ammo. Once Granny is knocked out, the Player must move her body until she gets beside the Plywood Wall. (The Garage Door has to be opened). Once done this, the Player must push Granny to the wall and suddenly they will get in the underground tunnel. However, if the Player goes forward the underground tunnel, they will find a deadend which is a black wall. If they get closer, they will be automatically teleported to the Basement.

Another way to do this is grab any of these:

After doing this, go to the Sauna. Crouch and look at your feet and drop the item. Continue this until you are standing on the edge of the lower shelf. Look down and drop the item until you are able to freely walk along the upper shelf. Then go to the corner closest to the smoke machine and look down and drop the item. You will be teleported to a black place. You should be able to see the Shed in the Backyard if you look up. Walk under the Shed, and you will find yourself in the tunnel.

Now, in version 1.7, you can get the Grey Vase and go to the Sewer Tunnel, and then look down and drop the vase. then you should be on the other side of the wall of the Sewer Tunnel opposite the Crow Room stairs and then stand up, you should fall down and you should be able to see the Garage Tunnel, and you can walk in it.

Bedroom 2 spawning glitch

Founder: Unknown

This is a strange and non-beneficial glitch. When Granny is knocked out, the Player should hide under the Bed in Bedroom 2 and wait for her. If she respawns in that very room, she will run to the Bed as if she had seen them go under it and stand there for a few seconds. Luckily, she will never jumpscare them but this is still a very strange happening as the Player was hidden before she came back. For this to occur, she must respawn in this room and not in her other three locations so this glitch isn't very common.

Spider Cage glitch

Founder: Unknown

The Player must use the Meat method to lure the Spider to the plate and out of the cage. Then they must quickly load their Crossbow with a Tranquilizer Dart or pick up a loaded Shotgun to shoot the button. The Spider will attack the Player and send them to the next day. Then they will notice that the Spider is sitting downstairs right beside the Stair Closet but will not be able to attack the Player. This is due to the Spider having nowhere to go due to its nest being locked. If the Player stands in front of the closed cage, the Spider will make an attack noise but won’t be able to attack them due to the wooden panel blocking it, the Spider also starts to "spin" beside the Cabinet. This is only recommended in Practice mode and this glitch can be triggered with the Crossbow and the Darts only. A video of this can be seen here.

This glitch existed in Version 1.6 and was patched in Version 1.6.1.

Remove the Blood Glitch

Founder: NguyenAnhLam

Since Day 4, there is now blood visible on the screen and leaking on to the Bed where the Player wakes up. The Player can "lure" Granny until she drops a Bear Trap. Wait for her for long enough or use any way to distract her to another location, then walk on the trap and remove it. After removing the trap, the Player can notice that the blood disappeared. Even if the Player is knocked out to Day 5 (and Day 6 if the Painting is completed), the blood won't "come back". This glitch can also be triggered by falling from the Unstable Flooring or getting bitten by the Spectral Rats on Nightmare. A video of this can be seen here.

This glitch existed from Version 1.6 to Version 1.7.1 and it was patched in version 1.7.2

Avoid Bedroom 1 Creak On Extreme Glitch

Founder: ItzWaluigiTime86

It is actually possible to avoid the Bedroom 1 creaking floor on Extreme mode. It can only be done if the Player comes from the Walk-In Closet. All they have to do is stick to the right wall and hide under the bed, then get out of it. When getting out of under the bed, you'll notice that you'll appear right in front of the door, that’s it, you avoided the creak. You can then exit the room and go wherever you want. We don’t know if this is really a glitch or if it is intentional... Be aware that it sometimes won’t work because the creak will be placed before the bed, which means whatever you do, it’ll creak anyways... However this does not happens all the time, this is what makes this glitch/trick possible.

Meat glitch

Founder: Unknown

The Player must retrieve the Meat and head upstairs to the Special Room. They should walk to the Plate and have their hand on it, ready to lay the Meat down. Then they should walk round to the side of the Plate which marks the Spider's angry point. When it comes towards them they need to quickly place the Meat on the Plate, which will divert the Spider's attention but make it start to dance. Then it will "sit" in the middle of the room for a few seconds before turning back to its nest. The Meat is left untouched but cannot be taken off the Empty Plate by the Player.

Remote Control glitch

Founder: MattapoisettPatton1

You must find the Remote Control. Then, while holding it in your hand, push one of the wooden boxes from the basement up the stairs and over to the Stair Closet. Then crouch and keep walking into the box near one of the corners, and you will find you are standing on it. Then press the "Use" button in the bottom right corner and you will see a massage on the screen that says "I need to get closer" even though you are right there.

Heartbeat glitch

Founder: Probably NguyenAnhLam

If you shoot the Spider with the Shotgun, a heartbeat will play, and Granny will follow you wherever you go. This is supposed to never go away unless either you or Granny be knocked down, but it can be removed with this glitch without being hit. Simply pick up the Teddy and drop it, and the heartbeat will fade out and Granny will start investigating again. This also works with the Crow.

Special Room Glitch

Founder: HazmatCat

This is a very strange and useful glitch. This will cause Granny to clip through the closed special item door to go to the special room. To trigger it, grab any item. Go into the Jail Cell and throw the item into the far right corner, and make sure the item hits the wall. Once it hits the wall, it will make a noise. This is the start of the glitch, and it can buy you lots of time once triggered, run to the attic tunnel ASAP, and wait for Granny to investigate the special room while clipping through.

Sauna Glitch

Founder: HazmatCat

If the player were to drop an item in the far right corner of the sauna, Granny will not enter the sauna, but rather, hug the wall next to the sauna. If you were to leave the Car, Granny would be right next to you and knock you out. If you close the Sauna door, Granny will teleport inside the door and freeze walk in the door, trying to escape.

Candlestick Glitch

Founder: Unknown

This is a strange glitch where the Candlestick in the Secret Area Middle Floor is not colored (gray) at the beginning of every game. To fix the glitch simply knock it off the Shelf that it is placed on. It can be very risky, though, and it is recommended to leave it the way it is because it alerts Granny. This glitch came with version 1.7. The reason why it happens is a simple developer oversight. This glitch seems to only affect gameplays on iOS, as opposed to Android or Steam.

This glitch is still working in version 1.7.3

Off the Map Glitch

Founder: Unknown

To trigger the glitch, grab the Grey Vase from the Starting Bedroom. Next, go to the Sewer Tunnel and drop the vase while looking down in the left most part of the tunnel facing the swamp side. You will now be halfway off of the map. Now, you will see a crouch button. Stand up. You are now free to move about the house. Keep in mind that crouching will cause you to be teleported to the basement. A video of it can be seen here.

This glitch was patched in version 1.7.1

Dining Room Door Glitch

Founder: Unknown

This is a useful glitch, if you get in the Swamp Cellar through the trapdoor and then you drop something inside, Granny will come in the backyard to investigate the sound and she will remain at the Dining Room door endlessly until you made noise somewhere else. You will know that the glitch works when you hear the dining room door opening and closing continuously.

Freeze Trap Glitch

Founder: Unknown

To do this, set the Freeze Trap anywhere you like. Then, walk into it. Quickly pause and unpause the game and press the crouch button twice. You are now unfrozen.

This glitch was patched in Version 1.7.1

Immediately Picking Up Items Glitch

Founder: MattapoisettPatton1

Get the Freeze Trap, then lay it down and step on it while looking at it. Before you get unfrozen, press the hand. Next time Granny is chasing you, aim at an item you need and you will pick it up immediately without the little hand in the corner showing.

Sauna Softlock

Founder: TaframUwU

(you need no items to do this) Go to the sauna and open the door. stay in the doorway and close the door. You should now be inside the door. Use the plank on the wall which blocks off the sauna door. then walk inside the sauna and there. you cannot leave the sauna and granny cant get in.

Edit: This is not a glitch. If the ability to go through doors was a glitch, it would've been patched in version 1.1. If you lock yourself in the sauna, you will not die, unlike granny, but you will need to manually shut off your game and restart it.

Car Trunk glitch

Founder: Probably NguyenAnhLam

In Version 1.7, the Player can obtain the items inside the car trunk or even fill up the gas tank without using the Car Key by crouching and aiming at a certain spot of the trunk. A video of this can be seen here.

This glitch is still working on Version 1.7.3

Drawer glitch

Founder: MattapoisettPatton1

You can get on top of the Drawer stand in Bedroom 2 by crouching then opening both of the Drawers and go under and if you go forward and stand up at the same time you will get on top and be able to stick your head into the Baby Room. However this only works in Bedroom 2 Drawers.

Knockout glitch

Founder: Darylsthot

Sometimes, if the Player has killed one of Granny's pets and she is angry and they shoot her with the Shotgun, her body will disappear and she will instantly respawn. This can be dangerous if she is nearby as they may not have any nearby spare ammo and is very inconvenient. If she respawns far away, this can give the player time to get more ammo to shoot her again or run off.

Note: This can also happen without her being angry.

Cellar Swamp glitch

Founder: MattapoisettPatton27

if the Player drops the Shotgun in the Cellar Swamp while looking at the ceiling it will hang and swing.

Crouching and hiding glitch

Founder: GuyHatesKebab

If the Player hides in a Chest while crouching with an item, the item will float.

Dart glitch

Founder: GuyHatesKebab

If the Player freezes and shoots Granny at the same time, the Tranquilizer Dart will be stuck on Granny.

Teleporting trapped death glitch

Founder: GuyHatesKebab

Sometimes the Player will get killed and teleport near the Basement and get trapped in a Bear Trap, this happens if the Player hides in the Secret Tunnel.

Teddy ending glitch

Founder: Unknown

You can receive the Secret Ending without delivering the Teddy if you have delivered the Teddy on a previous version of the game and updated or you forcefully shut the game down in the middle of a playthrough where you did deliver the Teddy. A video of this can be seen here.

It's still possible working in the Version 1.7.3.

Well glitch

Founder: Unknown

You can drop an item inside the well and it will reappear next to the well. This could also be done by dropping an item in the Off the Map glitch. This is probably intentional in order not to lose this item.

It's still possible working in the Version 1.7.3.

Playhouse glitch

Founder: Fluffykitten123456

It takes steps, 1. get the get the grey vase. 2. go to the garden. 3.drop the vase by the playhouse (make sure to be in either extreme, hard, or easy mode). 4. wait till you can here her clicking the door, then crouch down. 5. when you can see her coming to you go to the back of the playhouse (outside). 6 keep moving towards the corner while crouched and when she is just about were she can hit  you, stand. you will/won't die, if you didn't die, you did it right. you should either fall through the playhouse or here her make that sound when she hits you, you'll have blood on your screen and be standing there she'll keep swinging at you and making that sound but you won't die you'll also be stuck there utill/unless/if she puts a beartrap there.

Stuck Spider glitch

Founder: Sweet Prize

After the spider finishes eating the meat, the player will have to quickly go in the spider's line of sight when it is near its cage. The player then has to quickly get out of its LOS. The spider will walk in place, stuck. If the player go a bit near the spider, it will attack. This won't kill the player, only the animation.

(For images, see the Spider page)

Bed Jumpscare glitch

Founder: Unknown

If Granny jumpscares you under a bed while you are holding an item, the item will appear on the left wall of the starting bedroom the next day, and as you wake up the item will fly to your hand. The drop icon is also missing. The only way to get rid of the item is to pick up a different item. If you were holding a Crossbow with a tranquilizer dart loaded, the crossbow and the dart will float to you. The shoot button will be on the screen, but not the drop button.

This glitch is still working in version 1.7.3

Well Teleport glitch


Granny- Well Teleport glitch

Founder: possibly Cyberius (I probably didn't find it first, but I didn't see it on here)

There is a glitch where if you crouch under the well roof, then stand, you will teleport to the entrance of the garage.

Working versions: Mobile. I tried it on desktop, but it wouldn't work.

Extra Locks glitch

Founder: Unknown

There was a glitch in 1.6.1 that prevented iOS users from using Extra Locks. Note that this glitch never existed for Android.

This was patched in 1.7.

Tunnel Death glitch

Founder: HenryMazzarulli

Go to the secret tunnel and make noise on the secret area side. Granny will come investigate the noise. Slowly approach Granny. She will hit you but you will fall through the map to behind the workbench. A video of this can be seen here:

Here's why this happens: This glitch occurs because one isn't supposed to be standing up inside the secret tunnel. That's why the crouch icon disappears when you enter it. If you're on the very edge of the tunnel, however, you're still inside the secret tunnel so you can't stand up, but your hitbox is within the range where Granny can grab you. she doesn't pull you out of the secret tunnel because you're already halfway outside of it, but you're not fully outside of it. and like I said before, you're not supposed to be standing up in the secret tunnel. Above the secret tunnel, there's just blackness and nothing really [this can be proven by downloading the Outwitt mod and noclipping to above the secret tunnel]. You can't stand up to reach Granny because you're in the secret tunnel, so your legs fall through the bottom instead, and then you fall out of the map, which is why the game teleports you to behind the workbench

This glitch still works in version 1.7.3

Bedroom 2 Stuck Granny glitch

Founder: Vividplays Channel

Sometimes Granny will get stuck on the door of bedroom 2. She'll just keep walking into it as if she doesn't know it's there. A video of this can be seen here:

Extra info: It happens most often when Granny respawns in bedroom 2 after day 3 because that's when the door gets locked. Sometimes it happens on day 2, before that door has been opened for the first time on that day. Or you can just close that door again and the glitch might work. It isn't nearly as finicky as some glitches, like the Shotgun Reload Failure glitch. I’ve only ever observed this glitch in hard mode, but it probably does exist in other difficulties too.

HenryMazzarulli is the one who wrote these messages and added this glitch to this page. Hi everyone. Anyway, I just want to say it's really weird to me because it seems like Vividplays and I are the only ones who experienced this glitch for ourselves. It seems like this because it isn't featured on channels like LightningBlueDragon, even though LBD pretty much top tier for discovering glitches that make gameplay significantly easier. It's especially surprising to me given how easy this glitch is to pull off.

I discovered this when I was in the attic. I was in hard mode, as always. I just knocked down the planks, broke the floor, smashed the camera, cut the fan, etc. I'd done everything you can do in the attic, except for feed the spider. I had gotten ready to drop into the bathroom as I heard Granny's fast approaching footsteps. I hid for about 3 minutes and wondered "what's taking her so long? her house isn't so big that it should take her 3 minutes to walk over here" so I cautiously went over to the unstable flooring and burst out laughing when I saw what had happened. The first thing I thought was "wow, granny's as stupid as Slendrina's mother!" I know you didn't need to hear all that and I'm sorry for rambling, but this is just so funny and weird to me, especially given that this glitch has been around for over a year now.

This glitch was discovered in version 1.6 and still works in 1.7.3

Frozen Death Crouch glitch

Founder: HenryMazzarulli

"Wow what a busy title" you may be thinking. This glitch name contains so much of everything that it's hard to understand what's going on. But just keep reading.

I've only ever observed this on the stairs to the meat closet, but it probably might work anywhere else. Here's how it works, step by step. Crouch, drop the freeze trap, and walk into it. After you're done freezing, let Granny come knock you out. If she knocks you out while the freeze trap is emanating the blue smoke and making the whooshing sounds, it won't work. You're frozen, so you don't have the ability to move or crouch. When granny knocks you out and you wake up the next day, you'll notice that the crouch button has mysteriously disappeared, and you have to restart your game if you want to beat it.

Two Game Over scenes glitch

If you trigger the See your own death glitch and fall from the Unstable Flooring, another Game Over scene will play until the previous one completes.

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