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Granny is the titular antagonist of Granny, Granny: Chapter Two, Granny 3, and a secondary antagonist of The Twins. She is one of the enemies in these games, and sometimes an Easter Egg in other games by DVloper.

Granny is known for kidnapping people into her house and forcing them to play a game where they have only five days to find a way out of there, and should they fail, their demise would come. Granny is also implied to consume the Player's body in the basement cutscene on Day 6.


Granny's origin, and what she actually is, is never known. In Fact, Granny's hazy eyes glow in the darkness and differ colors, It's known that she has a relationship with the ghost of Slendrina, and that she can revive herself after being killed and more tie her to the supernatural. But the appearance of Grandpa in Granny 2 and her being mentioned in Granny 3 play store description as being slendrina's grandmother imply that she once was a human.

It is possible that Granny may be or has once been a cannibal, as shown by the blood splatters belonging to the Previous Victim scattered throughout her house, and her jumpscare animation in the Basement Game Over scene, where she lunges at The player with her mouth wide open, possibly eating him.


Granny is represented as an ugly, demented old woman. She has a long, dirty face, some gray hair at the back of her head, glowing white eyes surrounded with a bloody rim, and her teeth. She has a dirty gray nightgown. She also holds a bloody baseball bat which she shows no hesitation towards using as a weapon.

When playing on the Nightmare mode, Granny will look grimmer and uglier as her skin will become black, dirty and chipped, and her dress will be much darker.

On Christmas versions, she always sports a conventional Christmas hat on her head, with no changes to her general appearance whatsoever.

Appearance History

Game Version Notable Features Image
Granny: v1.0 The first appearance of Granny in-game had very flat textures and almost no shading, She has no legs during the first version. Granny Character Version 1.0
Granny: v1.1 Same as before, but her eyes are brighter Granny character Version 1.2
Granny v1.2 Same as previous versions, but Granny's model started to include black shoes and legs. Granny1.2Legs
Granny v1.3 - 1.5 The texture received darker shading around the arms, the back of her head,
and the bottom of the dress. Some blood was added, most noticeably dripping
out of her mouth onto the front of her dress.
Her bat became completely black.
Granny character in Version 1.3.2
Granny v1.6-1.7.9 (Current PC Apperance) Her texture's shading was smoothed out to prevent some significant visual oddities around the arms.

This texture is still used in the PC Port despite being changed in Version

New granny 1.6 render
Granny v1.7.9.3 DVloper decided to use the texture of hers from Granny: Chapter Two, with Black Hair like Granny 3 and The Twins,
different shading and a lack of buttons on her dress.
Granny Character with Black Hair
Granny v1.8 - 1.8.1 Granny's hair color was changed. GrannyG1New


Appearances Notable Features Image
Christmas Updates In the Christmas Updates, Granny wears a Christmas Hat (this only happens in the Christmas Updates for Version 1.6 and Version 1.7.7) Granny's wearing Santa Hat
Nightmare Mode In Nightmare Mode, attributes are applied such as Granny becoming uglier, her skin becoming chipped and much darker. Gthyhjuyjujuk
Blind When the Pepper Spray is used on Granny, she becomes temporarily blinded (roughly 30 seconds), and she closes her eyes.
Enraged When the Player holds the Teddy, kills the Spider or the Crow, she becomes angry and her eyes becomes red, and she will always know where the player is.
Granny Rage
Frozen When the Freeze Trap is used on Granny, she freezes and her body turns blue accordingly.
Granny Freeze

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


When a new in-game day starts, Granny will first appear in one of her spawning locations, spending a few seconds there before moving:

Granny begins her movement by slowly wandering around the house, until she is made aware of the player being awake, which is caused by either:

  • Environmental hazards or dropping items, which makes her immediately move to the exact location of the last interaction with them. At the spot, she will look around for a few seconds, and after not noticing the player, she will start wandering, walking around the house again.
  • Her sight of the Player, which makes her enter the chasing mode, where her only focus is finding the quickest way towards them. This will last until she can't do so anymore after the player is hidden for enough time, after which she will start wandering again, or after catching them.
  • Enraging her by holding Teddy or by killing a pet, which makes her constantly chase after the player and turn her eyes pure red. Granny's rage mode lasts until the player lets go of Teddy, knocks her out, or gets to a next in-game day in case they killed one of Granny's pets.

Each time Granny leaves a spot after unsuccessfully going for the player, she will always say a phrase and lay a bear trap the next time she stops moving.

Granny catches the player once they are in a close proximity to her (even through some thin walls, which is a glitch.) Once the player is caught by Granny, they will be forced to face her while screaming, and shortly getting knocked out by her baseball bat. This will force the player to move onto the next in-game day, waking up back in the Starting Bedroom.

If Granny spots the player going: under a bed, inside of a cabinet, a chest, or the car, she will note this and catch them even so. In most cases, by getting the player out of their hiding spot, and attacking them with the bat as usual, but in the case of the beds, she will attack them by dropping to the ground and lunging at them while making a loud screeching noise.

Granny's range of eyesight, which triggers her chase mode once seeing the player depends on a few factors:

  • The chosen difficulty - the lower the game difficulty is, the lower her base eyesight range will be.
  • Crouching - while the player crouches, her eyesight range is significantly lower (doesn't work in 1.8).
  • Crawl spaces - while the player is behind one of them, Granny is almost completely blind to the player's presence. When Granny sees the player get into one of them, she'll wait at the front for them to come out, once this happens, Granny will rush to the other end where the player recently was (doesn't work in 1.8).

Defense Against Granny

When hit by a Tranquilizer Dart, locked in the active Sauna for 15 seconds, run over by the Car or frozen by the Freeze Trap, Granny will be knocked out for a period of time.

This lasts for 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds or 15 seconds depending on the difficulty.

If Granny is shot with the Shotgun or is caught in a Gasoline Can explosion, she will be knocked out for 30 extra seconds with the exception of Extreme mode, which will grant 15 extra seconds.

Wandering Patterns

A few observations about how Granny's AI has been made, with regards to wandering.

Frequency Locations
Often Bedroom 1, Walk-In Closet, Kitchen, Dining Room, Study, Living Room
Sometimes Bedroom 2, Bathroom, Starting Bedroom, Backyard, SA Entrance, SA Top Floor
Rarely Basement, Garage, Attic, SA Middle Floor, SA Bottom Floor
Never Jail, Sauna, Sewer Area, Special Room, Meat Room, rooms inaccessible due to short doorways.


Granny's moving and animation speeds depend on the happening events and the chosen difficulty, for the ease of comparison, the player's maximum speed is 6.0.

Movement Comparison to the Player Speed Value Animation Speed
Wandering 80% Slower 1.2 0.9
Easy Chase 50% Slower 3.0 1.5
Normal Chase 39% Slower 4.3 2.0
Hard Chase 20% Slower 5.0 2.7
Extreme Chase 20% Faster 7.0 3.3


Voice Tracks

Voice Track Audio
"Where are you?"
"Do you want to play Hide and Seek?" Laughter
"I see you."

(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"All I wanted to do is play with you." Laughter
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"Do you wanna play Hide and Seek?" Laughter
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"Don't be afraid."
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"I know where you're hiding."

Original Voice Tracks

Granny's voice tracks are played back with a higher pitch in-game. Here are the voice tracks with the original pitch, a.k.a in the game files.

Voice Track Audio
"Where are you?"
"Do you want to play Hide and Seek?" Laughter
"I see you."

(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"All I wanted to do is play with you." Laughter
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"Do you wanna play Hide and Seek?" Laughter
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"Don't be afraid."
(Removed, plays in V1.0)
"I know where you're hiding."


Description Audio
The sound that plays when Granny hits you.
Hitting you with the baseball bat and the player falling down
The noise of being found by Granny under a bed.
The noise of being caught by Granny in Nightmare mode.
The music that plays while Granny is chasing the player.

(since version 1.8)

(Removed, plays in V1.7.9.3 only)
The music that plays while Granny is chasing the player.
Unused music that plays while Granny is chasing the player.


  • DVloper confirmed that Granny is voiced by his wife.
    • However, the old voice tracks "All I wanted to do was play with you", "Don't be afraid" and the old version of "Do you wanna play hide and seek" were sourced from Laura Sluyter (
      • DVloper had not included credit for her, up to this day.
      • Granny's voice is probably retouched since it is a bit distorted.
  • It is unknown who screams when Granny kills the Player, since it could be Granny or the Player.
  • Granny will not activate the two of the Bell Alarms or Bear Traps, even though she can still step over them. Along with those two objects, if Granny steps on a Creaking Floor, it won't make noise too.
  • There is an unused animation for Granny called "WalkArms" in the game files which is a zombie-like walk animation that was scrapped.
  • The Christmas Hat found on Granny's Christmas model was a free asset on Unity Asset Store called Ultimate Hat: Santa.
    • The Christmas Hat can be found here.
  • Granny is over 100 years old, due to Slendrina's Diary we can find out she died in July 1892, in which the average age of grandparents would be around 50. From majority of the items around the house in Granny we can assume that it takes place in the early 21st century, which would have granny at around 158 years old or older.
  • Prior to Version, Granny would always spawn in the Basement at the start of the game.
  • Granny is possibly based on "Tamara Samsonova", however this was never confirmed.
    • Granny and Tamara share similarities, such as killing people, being cannibals, and being grandma's. Tamara is also known as Granny Ripper.
  • It is possible that Granny had and still has mental problems, since the game says that she is crazy.
  • Since V1.7.9.3, Granny's dress got a whole redesign. However, in nightmare mode she still has her old textures.
    • The reasons for this are unknown, but this could be because DVloper forgot to make a new Nightmare mode texture.
  • Although Granny catches the Player under the Bed, she can't reach tunnels or under tables.
  • Granny is the 4th most appeared character. She appears 4 of DVloper games.
  • Despite Granny kidnapping and trapping the Player in the bedroom, she doesn't think to look under the Beds or inside of the Chests unless she sees you go under it. This was probably done by DVloper so the game wouldn't be overly hard.
  • Bob and Buck are probably in love with Granny. A picture about this can be found on the top floor at The Twins.

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