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Granny is an indie horror mobile video game developed by DVloper, a spin-off to Slendrina Series and a possible sequel of Slendrina: The Forest. It was released in November 2017 on Android devices. An iOS version was also released in December.

Since March 2018, the game has become increasingly popular in the gaming community, as YouTubers such as DanTDM, DashieGames, Denis, Kindly Keyin, John Wolfe, LightningBlueDragon, and Vividplays Channel have played the game.

The game is currently on Version 1.5, released on August 22, 2018.



Main Menu

The game Granny has a protagonist and antagonist characters; Granny, Player, and Spider. The player must acquire various objects to eventually unlock the Main Door in 5 days, (6 if they find all the pieces of the picture) or, as of the 1.5 update, repair the car in the Garage and use it to bust out through an underground tunnel. They must do all this whilst hiding and running away from Granny as she seeks down the Player.

Key Objects


Granny has many key objects which the player must collect and assemble to escape. These objects are the Hammer, Cutting Pliers, Screwdriver, Car Key, Safe Key, Master Key, Padlock Key, Weapon Key, Melon, Winch Handle, Playhouse Key, Gasoline Can, Car Battery, Spark plug, Wrench, Engine Part, and the 2 cogwheels (Red and Orange). When you take off everything from the door in Easy mode on the first/second day, or when on Normal or Hard mode or Extra Locks Mode, the Padlock Code will also be required to escape. On Hard mode and Extra Locks Mode, you need the Battery as well. See Item Locations for item spawn locations. As of the 1.3.2 update, there is an option to turn on the extra locks for any difficulty that you play. Extreme mode requires the Extra Locks option to be on.


Rooms in Granny include the Starting Bedroom, the Main Room, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Walk-In Closet, Attic, Baby Room, Jail Room, Special Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Study, Basement, Garage, Bathroom, Backyard, Sauna, Bookshelf room, a Hidden Room in an underground passage, and a Secret Area(Secret Area Entrance, Secret Area Top Floor, Secret Area Middle Floor, Secret Area Bottom Floor, Hidden Closet and Meat Room) behind some boxes in the Closet.

Difficulty Settings

There are many modes in Granny, them being Practise Mode, Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode and Extreme Mode. Darker Mode and Extra Locks can be turned on also for an extra challenge. Here are the difficulties and how they change the gameplay:


  • Granny is not home
  • Now you can explore the house
  • But not completely free from dangers



  • Opportunity to get a bonus day (Painting)
  • Granny moves at normal speed




  • Escape Ending: In this good ending, the player escapes from hers house, then the image of Granny is shown from outside his house, while the player escapes.
  • Teddy Ending: In this Easter Egg good ending of the game, the player escapes from Granny's house, then Granny appears outside her house sitting on the ground and holding Teddy, the image of Slendrina is seen standing behind Granny. This is presumably just an easter egg ending and not the true ending of the game.
  • Car Ending: In this alternate good ending, we fix the car and use it to bust out of the house. Granny watches us drive through an underground escape tunnel while electronic music plays.
  • Basement Ending: This bad ending shows the player being pushed down the basement stairs, then erasing. He wakes up on the floor, and when he looks to the right, Granny jumpscares the Player, resulting in a Game Over.
  • Guillotine Ending: This bad ending portrays the player kept in the guillotine. He looks at the ground, and at Granny next to him, and Granny pulls the lever and has the guillotine head fall toward him. This results in a Game Over.


Granny (Horror game trailer) Android and iOS

Granny (Horror game trailer) Android and iOS



  • Granny was made by Dennis Vukanovic (more commonly known as DVloper, who made the Slendrina series, in 2015). He made a review of the game titled "Scary but Friendly" which is tips and tricks for how to beat Granny and escape.
  • A paper found in the underground crawlspace beneath the Backyard shed tells the story of another victim Granny trapped when their car broke down in the middle of the Forest. This explains why there are various blood puddles around the house, a bloodstained bed, and a copious amount of blood dried into Granny's baseball bat.
    • Additionally, the broken down car in Granny's basement could belong to the previous victim, although how Granny parked it in the garage and walled it off is unknown. It's also not clear why she would take the car apart and hide the pieces of it around the house opposed to just never stealing it in the first place.
  • If an object, such as the Screwdriver is glitched through the floor, it will appear next to the wishing well in the garden, however in 1.2 and later it would appear on the desk in Bedroom 2
  • There are actually blueprints in the Shed for the Guillotine in the garden used for chopping the melon.
  • The Teddy is used to unlock an Easter Egg: by throwing it into the crib in the attic, Granny will respawn in the basement, Slendrina (From Dennis Vukanovic other series) will appear and haunting music will play. This also fulfills the first requirement for the Teddy ending.

There is a similar game named "Grandpa", similar on gameplay (you hide in closets/under the bed, avoid the enemy), on items (keys, weapons, etc.) and both antagonists are old aged. They both have a melee weapon (Granny has a club while Grandpa use a rake) but Grandpa use his rake to grab you and then hit you with a slap. There is more than one enemy in Grandpa, some are victims and others being zombies. Gameplay can been see here.

  • DVloper said he is going to create a computer version of the game.