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  • Granny hitting the player.
  • Painting
  • Granny unconscious.
  • The starting bedroom.
  • Granny fan art
  • Slendrina easter egg.
  • Spider Formed Granny
  • Best fan animation.


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Even Granny herself edits on this wiki!

Update Section: Overhaul for Version 1.6!

Update 1.6, released December 11th, 2018, adds a lot of miscellaneous things (like Nightmare mode and Christmas decorations) which need to be properly documented, along with some of the new items and tools. Every single room/structure page will need to be updated with pictures of their Nightmare mode counterparts, and we'll need to create/edit some new pages with more content!


Rules updated. Check rules.

Detailed blog post: Rules Updated

6Days: I'll be back

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