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The Grey Vase is an item that was added to Granny in Update 1.0. It is located in the Starting Bedroom on a table near the center of the room, and it is not required to escape.


As this item is not required to escape, the Grey Vase's only good use is to create noise and lure Granny.


The Grey Vase is a vase with an alternating black and grey striped pattern, made up of a rounded bottom half and a cylindrical top half.


  • It is the only item found in the Starting Bedroom
  • Unlike its real life counterpart, the Grey Vase is unbreakable. In real life, vases shatter easily.
  • Most players only use this item to get Granny to open the Starting Bedroom door on Day 2 prior to version 1.7.
    Obtain the Screwdriver without using any weapon

    Obtain the Screwdriver without using any weapon

  • There is a glitch that the player can get the Screwdriver without having to get a weapon. They should go to the Bathroom and throw the vase between the Sink and the Toilet.
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