"This is a dangerous cutting tool." ― The Player

The Guillotine is a structure in Granny. It was added in Version 1.3 and is located in the Backyard.


The Guillotine looks similar to its namesake machine, with a sharp rusted metal blade stained with old blood, which suggests that Granny has killed previous victims with the Guillotine.

There is a Bell Alarm attached to its legs, providing an easy way to call Granny out to the Backyard, but also acting as a hazard if the Player triggers it by mistake.

If the Player earns a Game Over, one of the four possible endings they can receive has Granny slice their head off using the Guillotine.


The Guillotine is used to chop the Melon. Upon doing so, the Melon will be cut in half, and an item will drop on the floor. The Player can also activate it without anything inside to attract Granny.

To see what items can be found in the Melon, see Tool Positions.


  • The sound of the Guillotine being used.
  • The sound of the Guillotine slicing through the Player's flesh in the Game Over sequence. (WARNING: LOUD)
  • The sound of the Guillotine slicing through the Melon


  • It is possible to get Granny inside the Guillotine if the Player knocks out Granny while she is in the Backyard. However, it is impossible to actually damage her in any way using the device.
  • If the Player tries to put a hand into the Guillotine and they don't have the Melon with them, the message "This is a dangerous cutting tool" will appear.
  • This gives a hint to the player, as it implies that the Melon should be used here.
  • Inside the Shed, a cross-section blueprint of the Guillotine can be found. Which can imply that Granny built the Guillotine herself.
  • The Buttstock used to spawn on the Guillotine.
  • The Skeleton has no joint between the Skeleton's neck and the head, meaning that the person may have gotten killed by the Guillotine.
    • This suggests that Granny has captured more than one person, meaning that the previous victim was not the only victim before the Player.
  • The guillotine is a weapon that can alert to everyone going here as a distraction, since everybody can listen, like the Iron Maiden in Granny: Chapter Two.



Easy to Avoid

Bloody Mannequin, Christmas Tree, Passenger Door, Large Lamp, Gasoline, Blue Vase, Table, Iron Bars, Chair, Grey Vase, Blue Vase


Boxes, Candlesticks, , Girder, Covers, Bear Traps (most can be easily avoided), Unstable Flooring can catch you by surprise, Bell Alarm in the Garden, Metal Panel (can't be avoided if you escape through the door), Hanger, Tin Can, Hanging Plates

Hard to avoid

Bear Traps (some are placed on places it's hard to avoid them), Creaking Floors (memorization is the only way to avoid), Hanging Meat, , Security Camera (can't be avoided, you'll have to break it, which still makes noise), Vent Door (it is necessary to remove it in order to access Attic Tunnel), Jail Door


Bear Traps (some are placed on places you can't avoid them) Guillotine (Granny will kill you with this after Day 5 or 6,

Dangerous when you hit them

Bear Traps, Locked Door


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