The Hammer is, as expected, a bog-standard hammer that can be found in Granny. It was added in Update 1.0, and it is required to beat the game.

Appearance and Properties

The Hammer is made up of the head and the handle. The head is composed of a cyrindrical shape, with a pyramid like shape coming off of that. Both of these parts appear to be made of metal The handle is a long cylindrical piece connected to the head of the Hammer. It appears to be made of a fairly dark, weathered wood.

The Hammer is heavy enough to activate Bear Traps.


The Hammer has three main uses:

  1. It can be used to knock off the plank on the Main Door.
  2. It can be used to break the Security Camera in the Jail Cell. This is not necessary, but very helpful.
  3. It can be used to knock down the Planks in the Attic.


Below is some information about where the Hammer can spawn.

For more information on this, see Item Locations.


  • Unlike the Cutting Pliers, the Hammer does not appear to have any blood on it, and it is unknown what Granny actually used it for before the Player was brought into the house.
  • It is one of the few tools to have multiple uses; the other ones being the Cutting Pliers, Shotgun (and Ammo), Crossbow (and Tranquilizer Darts), and the Screwdriver (if Extra Locks is enabled).
  • Along with the Cutting Pliers, this is one of the most useful items in the game as it has three separate main uses.
  • This is one of the Key Items, because you need it to break the Plank in the Attic, which leads to useful items for both escape methods.
  • Technically, the Player could play without the Hammer, if they perform the plank glitch where you throw something over to the Jail side of the Attic and Granny will knock over the Planks and if they escape using the Car Escaping Procedure as the Hammer is needed for the Main Door Escaping Procedure. However, they would essentially be forced to lock themselves inside the active jail cell which is time-consuming to take apart and can be very risky, especially on higher difficulty levels on when she is on the upper floors.