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The Hanging Meat is an object in Granny and the first food object that was added in Update 1.1. This object is located in the Meat Room, found on the Secret Area's Middle Floor.

Properties and Functions

The Hanging Meat cannot be picked up, but it can be swung about on its hook. It can also be knocked down off of its hook, which creates noise, alerting Granny.


The Hanging Meat is a large slab of meat that hangs on a small hook attached to the ceiling. The outside of the meat is dark brown, while the inside is a light pink, with patches of darker pink. This would imply that the meat is raw.


The Hanging Meat can be used to lure Granny into the Secret Area so that you may explore a different area of the house. This is the Hanging Meat's only good usage.


  • The name for the room in which the Hanging Meat is found (the Meat Room) most likely came from the fact that the Hanging Meat can be found in the room
  • If the Player goes close enough to the Hanging Meat, he\she will hear a buzzing noise which sounds like flies showing how decayed this meat is.
    • It's not too decayed, as there is a little black spot on it
  • The Hanging Meat's texture is named "Cowleg" in the files, showing that it is not the remains of the Previous Victim.
  • Despite its name, the Player cannot pick up the Hanging Meat and feed it to the Spider. Instead, he/she must use the Meat, which is another separate item.