The Hanging Plates are a hazard in Granny. They were added in Version 1.0, and they can only be found in the Kitchen. They can be knocked down upon contact with the Player, making noise when they hit the ground, alerting Granny.

Properties and Mechanics

When the Player makes contact with a Hanging Plate, it will fall straight down to the ground, creating a noise when it hits the floor, alerting Granny.

Just like with all other hazards, Granny will put the Hanging Plates back up if she notices them knocked down. This is one of the easiest hazards to knock over, as the Player simply has to make contact with them to knock them off of the wall.

Appearance and Spawning

The Hanging Plates appear on the wall on the Kitchen, and they can only be found here. They appear in an imperfect, horizontal line.

The Hanging Plates themselves are a light gray, but quite dirty. All three plates look exactly the same. It is presumed that the plates were formerly white, and that they are now light gray due to them being unwashed and dirty.


  • They are very similar to the Paintings in the way that can be easily knocked over.
    GrannyBehindHanging Plates

    Behind the Hanging Plates


Very Low

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