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The Hidden Room is a room connected to the Hidden Tunnel, and the Basement.


It was added in Version 1.3. It is made out of stone, and the room also has small wooden pillars touching the walls. Like tunnels and vents, Granny cannot access the Hidden Room.


In one corner of the room is a weathered wooden table. The Note will always spawn on this table, and there's a 40% chance of the Remote Control or the Special Key to spawn on this table. At opposite ends of the room are archways, one connects to the Basement and other connects to the Hidden Tunnel.


  • The Note (which always spawns in this room) is seemingly left behind by the Previous Victim of Granny
  • Dropping an item on the floor of this room creates no noise. 
  • Dropping an item on the table however, creates a glitch where granny will freeze for three minutes as long as no other noise is made 
  • The Winch Handle used to spawn here. 
  • Strangely, Granny cannot see the player inside the Hidden Room when lured close to the doorway and will not knock the player out. It is unknown whether if this is a glitch or intentional.
  • It is one of the most useless rooms to find items, as only the Special Key and Remote Control spawn in this room.


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