The Hidden Tunnel is a tunnel connecting the Shed and the Hidden Room. It was added in Update 1.3 and it can only be accessed from either of these rooms. Like the Secret Tunnel, the Hidden Tunnel can only be entered by crouching.


The Hidden Tunnel is a long, fairly dark tunnel seemingly made of stone. At the end of the tunnel closest to the Shed is a ramp that allows the Player to go into the Shed. The material of the tunnel is made of stone, but the material changes to wood on the Shed side.

The entrance of the Hidden Tunnel in the Shed is covered by a wooden palette at first. It automatically moves out of the way when the Player approaches the palette.


Just like the Secret Tunnel, the Hidden Tunnel is a useful way to lure Granny on a certain side when the player wants to go to the other side of the tunnel safely. However, Granny has to open a locked door to go to and from the Backyard, which is beneficial. However, the path aboveground to these places are much shorter, meaning the Player has to act fast if they make a sound on either side.


  • This is one of the four tunnels in the game. The other ones are the Secret Tunnel, the Attic Tunnel, and the Sewer Tunnel.
  • This is the only area in the game to play two different background tracks - the background track will change depending on what side of the tunnel the Player is on.
    • On the Basement side of the tunnel, the regular background track plays. But, on the Shed side of the tunnel, the Backyard background track plays.
      • The division of where the background track changes is marked by a change of the Hidden Tunnel's material - it changes from stone to wood near the Shed side.
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