The Master Key in the Microwave in Preset 5.

All five possible Item Locations as of Granny Version 1.7 are listed here. Be aware that items cannot spawn from different locations in the same location. For example, the Melon can't be in the Sewer Cell between the Skeleton's legs (#5) if you have already found the Gasoline Can on the Main Room Shelf (#3). However, items listed in the General Spawning section will always appear there, regardless of the preset number. The Shotgun is listed as Buttstock, Trigger, and Barrel.

All Item Locations are played through in numeric order. For example, if you get preset #4, the next game will be on preset #5.

However, strange behaviors can be observed on a fresh install of the game. In such a case, the preset will be randomized, however, the Padlock Code and Battery will spawn in the location of the previous preset instead. The next game will be on the same preset, but the Padlock Code and Battery will spawn in the correct place, and it will continue in chronological order from thereon. That means you can calculate where the items will be. For example, if the Weapon Key is in the Bedroom 2 Drawer, the next time it'll be in the Cogwheel Safe.


GRANNY 1.7 All İtem Locations

General Spawning

These items are always put here regardless of preset numbers.

Item Locations
Screwdriver Main Room - Shelf - Tin Can
Crossbow /

Tranquilizer Darts

Weapon Safe
Lever Backyard
Bookshelf Lever Bedroom 2 - behind the Painting
Ammunition (note that the ammunition only will spawn once the Shotgun is assembled with the exception in the Garage). Garage, TV Table, Bedroom 1 - Drawer and Special Room - Static Table
Grey Vase Starting Bedroom - Table
Shotgun Garage (when the shotgun parts are assembled).
Blue Vase Jail Room - Shelf
Teddy Hidden Closet
Pepper Spray Stair Closet
Freeze Trap Sewer Cell
Note Hidden Room
Red Nuts Car engine (after placing the Engine Part)

Painting Pieces

These don't apply to preset numbers and are randomly put in these places. (e.g. Painting Piece #1 could spawn on the Secret Area Entrance - Static Table on Preset #1, but the next time Preset #1 is chosen, it is in the Bathtub)

Painting Piece Locations
1 Bathtub, S.A.E. - Static Table, S.A.M. - Shelf
2 Study - Wardrobe, Study - Armchair, Attic Tunnel
3 Kitchen - Cupboard 1, Kitchen - Countertop, Dining Table
4 Bedroom 1 - Shelf, Basement - Boxes, Stair Closet



Item Location
Master Key Car - Trunk
Hammer Well
Cutting Pliers Bedroom 2 - Left Drawer
Padlock Key Screwdriver Safe
Padlock Code Stair Closet
Battery Crow Room - Fireplace
Safe Key Jail Ventilator
Weapon Key Cogwheel Safe
Melon Shed - Table
Winch Handle Sewer Cell - Next to Skeleton
Playhouse Key Melon
Orange Cogwheel Microwave
Red Cogwheel Baby Room - Right Drawer
Car Key Safe
Special Key Kitchen - Locker
Meat Kitchen - Cupboard 4
Buttstock Hidden Closet
Trigger Kitchen - Cupboard 2
Barrel Garage - Shelf
Book Dining Room - Wardrobe
Car Battery Bedroom 1 - Below Drawer
Engine Part TV Table
Gasoline Can Basement - Workbench
Spark Plug Secret Area Top Floor - Right Drawer
Wrench Special Room - Locker
Remote Control Crow Cage
Birdseed Abandoned Closet


Item Location
Master Key Melon
Hammer Basement - Workbench
Cutting Pliers Secret Area Entrance - Static Table
Padlock Key Cogwheel Safe
Padlock Code Meat Room - Wall
Battery Hidden Closet - Shelf
Safe Key Screwdriver Safe
Weapon Key Car - Trunk
Melon Kitchen - Locker
Winch Handle Hidden Closet
Playhouse Key Crow Cage
Orange Cogwheel Dining Room - Wardrobe
Red Cogwheel Jail Ventilator
Car Key Bathroom - Toilet
Special Key Hidden Room - Table
Meat Sewer Cell - Table
Buttstock Shed - Bottom Shelf
Trigger Baby Room - Above Drawers
Barrel Abandoned Closet
Book Study - Wardrobe
Car Battery Safe
Engine Part Well
Gasoline Can Jail - Behind Wheelchair
Spark Plug Study - Left Drawer
Wrench Bedroom 2 - Below Drawer
Remote Control Meat Room - Table
Birdseed Special Room - Locker


Item Location
Master Key Cogwheel Safe
Hammer Car - Trunk
Cutting Pliers Crow Cage
Padlock Key Melon
Padlock Code Study - Right Drawer
Battery Stair Closet
Safe Key Jail Ventilator
Weapon Key Kitchen - Locker
Melon Well
Winch Handle Safe
Playhouse Key Screwdriver Safe
Orange Cogwheel Abandoned Dining Room
Red Cogwheel Bedroom 1 - Left Drawer
Car Key Secret Area Top Floor - Right Drawer
Special Key Hidden Closet
Meat Baby Room - Above Drawer
Buttstock Basement - Barrel
Trigger Bedroom 2 - Below Drawers
Barrel Dining Room - Wardrobe
Book Garage - Shelf
Car Battery Sewer Cell - In front of Skeleton
Engine Part Abandoned Closet
Gasoline Can Main Room - Shelf
Spark Plug Special Room - Locker
Wrench Microwave
Remote Control Hidden Room- Table
Birdseed Shed - Workbench


Item Location
Master Key Cogwheel Safe
Hammer Sewer Cell - Table
Cutting Pliers Safe
Padlock Key Special Room - Locker
Padlock Code Cupboard 5
Battery Secret Area Top Floor - Left Drawer
Safe Key Screwdriver Safe
Weapon Key Car - Glove Compartment
Melon Car - Trunk
Winch Handle Cupboard 3
Playhouse Key Study - Left Drawer
Orange Cogwheel Abandoned House - Crow Cage
Red Cogwheel Well
Car Key Baby Room - Right Drawer
Special Key Microwave
Meat Abandoned Closet
Buttstock Kitchen - Countertop
Trigger Meat Room - Table
Barrel Bedroom 1 - Below Drawers
Book Secret Area Top Floor - Below Drawers
Car Battery Hidden Closet
Engine Part Bedroom 2 - Above Drawer
Gasoline Can Shed - Bottom Shelf
Spark Plug Melon
Wrench Jail Ventilator
Remote Control Abandoned Ktichen - Cupboard
Birdseed Kitchen - Locker




Master Key Microwave
Hammer Well
Cutting Pliers Baby Room - Left Drawer
Padlock Key Melon
Padlock Code Sewer - Wood wall behind the Crow Room Stairs
Battery Kitchen - Cupboard 6
Safe Key Crow Cage
Weapon Key Bedroom 2 - Right Drawer
Melon Sewer Cell - Between Skeleton´s legs
Winch Handle Study - Wardrobe
Playhouse Key Special Room - Locker
Orange Cogwheel Jail Ventilator
Red Cogwheel Shed - Bottom Shelf
Car Key Screwdriver Safe
Special Key Abandoned Closet
Meat Kitchen - Locker
Buttstock Abandoned Dining Room
Trigger Car - Glove Compartment
Barrel Hidden Closet
Book Dining Room - Shelf
Car Battery Stair Closet
Engine Part Safe
Gasoline Can Abandoned Kitchen - Cupboard
Spark Plug Cogwheel Safe
Wrench Living Room - TV Table
Remote Control Bookshelf Room
Birdseed Car - Trunk
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