The Jail Ventilator is a fan on the back wall inside the Jail.


It is composed of 4 parts: a power supply, a cable, and spinning fan, and an internal compartment (which contains an item).


The fan will spin, blocking the Player from accessing the item behind it.

Trying to grab the item will result in the fan slicing the Player's fingers, splattering blood on the screen and violently shaking the camera. This does not result in any permanent injury, but can only be done once.

The fan can be turned off by clipping the wire to the side with the Cutting Pliers. Once this is done, the item inside the internal compartment behind the fan can be picked up safely.


  • Sound of the running fan.
  • Sound of the player getting their fingers stuck inside. (WARNING: LOUD)


  • The Jail Ventilator is the only place guaranteed to contain an object within the entire Attic.
  • The Padlock Key used to spawn here.