The Kitchen is a room in Granny that can be found on the Ground Floor of the house. It was added in Update 1.0, and it is connected to the Dining Room and the Main Room.


Inside the Kitchen are several cupboards, a countertop, two sinks, a Microwave, a table, a window, Hanging Plates, a Painting, a Creaky Floorboard and a large blue cupboard. Various items can be found in and around the Kitchen.

(for more information, see Item Locations).

Opening the Microwave can alert Granny, so be careful when in the Kitchen. Knocking the Painting and/or the Hanging Plates onto the floor also alerts Granny, as well as the Creaking Floorboard.


The Kitchen is usually one of the more dangerous areas of the house to stay in. This is due to the fact that this room is within close proximity to the Main Door, a place where Granny goes frequently.

This room as also generally dangerous due to the overall lack of nearby hiding places. This makes it risky for the Player to stay in the Kitchen for extended periods of time.

There is a Cabinet not far from the Kitchen (opposite the stairs in the Main Room) to hide in if the Player makes any noise. However, the awkward location of this Cabinet hinders the player's ability to see Granny easily, making leaving the Cabinet risky.

If one wishes to search the Kitchen before going somewhere else in the house, they should search quickly and efficiently, as Granny is usually not too far from this room.

It is best to search around in the Kitchen when Granny is knocked out, or if she is at a location very far away from the Player, as this will reduce the risk of Granny catching you. A common strategy is to lure Granny the Secret Area's Bottom Floor, as this room is far away from the Kitchen.

Escaping to the Backyard after searching the Kitchen is a good tactic because Granny usually doesn't go to the Backyard by herself, making this is a safe place to run to.


  • The large blue locker is commonly mistaken for a fridge.
  • The table in the Kitchen has the words "FIVE DAYS" written on it, just like in the table in the Starting Bedroom.
  • Originally, the Microwave made no noise, but since Update 1.3, a loud buzzing sound was added that alerts Granny when the Microwave opened.
  • Interestingly, there is no stove nor oven (except for the Microwave) in the Kitchen.


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