Not to be confused with Knockout (Chapter Two)

In Granny, a knockout is when the Player gets knocked unconscious and sent to the next day. Knockouts can also cause a Game Over if the Player is on the fifth day (or sixth day, if the painting has been completed). There are also five ways for Granny to get knocked out, listed below, which will leave her unconscious for a short duration (time of which depends on the method and Difficulty Level).


As of Update 1.5, there are four ways the Player can be knocked out.

  1. Getting hit or jumpscared by Granny (most common way for the Player to get knocked out).
  2. Falling through the Unstable Flooring.
  3. Getting bitten by the Spider.
  4. Getting caught in the Gasoline Can explosion (least common way for the Player to get knocked out).


Granny can also be knocked out by the Player, but she will respawn after a short period of time. These are six ways Granny can be knocked out:

  1. Getting hit by a Tranquilizer Dart.
  2. Getting shot by the Shotgun.
  3. Getting locked in the active Sauna for 15 seconds.
  4. Getting caught in the Gasoline Can explosion.
  5. Getting hit by the Car.
  6. Frozen by Freeze Trap.

Time Out For Granny

Weapon Time Difficulty
Shotgun 2 min 30 sec Easy
Crossbow 2 min Easy
Gasoline Can 2 min 30 sec Easy
Car 2 min Easy
Sauna 2 min Easy
Shotgun 1 min 30 sec Normal
Crossbow 1 min Normal
Gasoline Can 1 min 30 sec Normal
Car 1 min Normal
Sauna 1 min Normal
Shotgun 1 min Hard
Crossbow 30 sec Hard
Gasoline Can 1 min Hard
Car 30 sec Hard
Sauna 30 sec Hard
Shotgun 30 sec Extreme
Crossbow 15 sec Extreme
Gasoline Can 30 sec Extreme
Car 15 sec Extreme
Sauna 15 sec Extreme


  • It is unknown why Granny always puts the Player back in the Starting Bedroom after the Player gets knocked out.
  • If the Player gets knocked out by the Gasoline Can shot, they will sometimes fall through to the floor below, which is followed by the black screen when knocked out, e.g. if shot in the Starting Bedroom they will fall to the Dining Room.
  • Sometimes, even if Granny sees you hide under a bed or inside the car, she will not knock you out. Instead, she will just stand there and walk away after a few moments. This seems to happen at complete random, probably meaning it's a bug or oversight in her AI. A video of this can be seen here



  • screaming at the Player when finding them under a Bed (WARNING: LOUD)


  • The sound of the Spider biting the Player.
SpiderAttack 1

Unstable Flooring



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