Large Lamps are hazards in Granny. The large lamps appear in several rooms and if the player does not take enough care and push them, they will fall, make a noise and alert Granny. The Large Lamps are one of the more common obstacles in the game, appearing thrice (three times.)


Study & Bedroom 1

These lamps have a black-gray style stick underneath, also the bulb cover look very similar to the Sofa in the Study, the white light bulb on the Bedroom 1, and the black strips that hold it, while the Black-and-white vase holds a black bulb in it. It is covered with.

Living Room

The Large Lamp in the Living Room looks very different to the others, the bar is white and the pillar is yellow, the cover is Gray and the color is flat.


  • If you push a Large Lamp against the ground, a few seconds later it will be placed in the same place as it was before. But if you push it against a wall, they will stand there and will not even go back to their previous place.
  • Granny can push the large lamps, but she will not do it on her own.
  • These lamps have this tiny bulb in the game
  • When knocked over, these lamps make the same noise as the Gasoline Can when dropped.
  • A knocked over lamp that has fallen in such a way that it blocks the door passage between the Study and Living Room or in front of the door of Bedroom 1 is a hazard in the sense that the Player can't pass by running across it.