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The Living Room is a location in Granny's House, and it is found on the Ground Floor. It was added in Version 1.0 and it is connected to the Dining Room and the Study. This is one of Granny's re-spawning spots after being knocked out.


Inside the Living Room is a small room which has an old, tiny, boxy TV and a Satellite receiver that sits on a table (the TV Table). There is also an armchair, a couch, a Creaky Floor and a Large Lamp.

As of Version 1.4, three rounds of Ammunition will spawn in this room on beside the TV Table.

It can be dangerous to be here if Granny is knocked out, since she can spawn with you which maybe will result in a knockout.


A few items can spawn in the Living Room. For more information on this subject, see Item Locations.

The items that can spawn in this room are:


  • The Hammer used to spawn on the TV Table before Version 1.3.
  • The Barrel used to spawn on the TV Table before Version 1.6.
  • Before update 1.5, This room and the Dining Room were arguably some of the most useless rooms in the house due to the lack of items that spawn in this room.

Removed Content



In Version 1.0 - Version 1.0.5, there was a table in this room, but the room is already dangerous enough so it is transferred to dining room.



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