The Main Door (or Master Door) is the main door in Granny. It is located in the Main Room, and it was added in Update 1.0. The Main Door is locked by many locks that the Player has to remove in order beat the game. However, since the 1.5 update, this method isn’t the only escape method, making this door less important.


The Main Door is a regular, large wooden door with a wooden frame. However, on the door are several locks that are all unlocked with the use of different items. There can be a minumum of 4, and a maximum of 7 locks on the door, depending on several conditions detailed in the section named 'Number of Locks'. The different locks that can be on the door are (from bottom to top):

Number of Locks

The number of locks on the Main Door ranges from 4 to 7.


  • When you escape, a cutscene plays showing Granny watching the Player as they leave.
    • When Update 1.3.2 was released, a second cutscene was added, which plays only after the Player has taken the Teddy and has spawned Slendrina.
      • On Practice Mode however the cutscenes are a little different as granny will be standing beside a tree on the outside off the house.
  • In the Hard and Extreme menu, the phrase 'Main Door' is spelt as "maindoor".
  • There is a option called Extra Locks, where, as it's name implies, the number of locks is set to 7 on any difficulty.
  • It takes two hits from the Hammer to bring down the plank on the Main Door.
  • The Master Lock (or the Main Door lock) must be unlocked at last.
  • Although Practise Mode is easier then easy, the locks on the door follow the Normal Mode rules as there are 5 locks (Padlock, Number Padlock, Wooden Plank, Wires, Master Lock
    • A note can also be seen on the door that states "I’ll be back soon." What this likely means is that Granny has left the house, and thus she doesn’t appear to be present.
    • Even if the note says that, Granny will never come back to the house.


Below are pictures of the Main Door showing what it looks like with different numbers of locks on it.