The Main Room is the central area of the house in Granny. It was added in Version 1.0, and it connects many of the rooms in Granny's house, specifically:

The Starting Bedroom, Bedroom 1, the Bathroom, Bedroom 2, the Attic, the Study, the Stair Closet, the Basement, and the Kitchen. A Cabinet is also found here.

The Main Door is located here, which the Player can use to escape. But as of Version 1.5, this isn't the only way to escape, as you can escape with the car, making the door less important. However it is always easier to escape with the Main Door than the Car.


Inside the Main Room are multiple doors and entrances which lead to different rooms, which span across two floors (the Ground Floor and the Upper Floor). It also contains a staircase, the Main Door, a Cabinet, a Bell Alarm, Hanging Paintings above the stairs, Candlesticks, a Stair Closet underneath the staircase, and a shelf carrying the Screwdriver. (possibly the Gasoline Can as well)



  • This is arguably the most important room in the game, as it contains the Main Door and entrances to nine other rooms.
  • Only 3 items can be found here: the Screwdriver, the Pepper Spray and the Gasoline Can.
  • The Player should avoid this area, if not unlocking the main door or getting any dropped Items, as Granny often wanders here (unless she hears a noise or spots the Player).


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The Main Room



AtticJailBaby RoomSpecial RoomAttic Tunnel

Upper Floor

Starting BedroomHallwayBedroom 1Bedroom 2BathroomWalk-In ClosetBookshelf Room

Ground Floor

Main RoomStudyKitchenLiving RoomDining RoomBackyardStair ClosetShedPlayhouse


BasementSaunaGarageHidden Room

Secret Area

Secret Area Top FloorSecret Area EntranceSecret Area Middle FloorHidden ClosetSecret Area Bottom FloorMeat Room

Cellar Swamp

SwampSewer EntranceSewer TunnelCellar Swamp Main RoomSewer CellSecret HouseCrow RoomCrow Room ClosetSubsidiary Room

Granny: Chapter Two
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