The Master Key is arguably the most important key in Granny. It was added in Version 1.0 and will get the Player out of the house once all the other locks are taken off. However, this isn't the only way the Player can escape, as he/she can fix the car and escape by driving the car through the garage door. Therefore, the Master Key is not required in order to escape the house as of Update 1.5.


The Master Key is used to unlock the Main Door's regular lock after all other locks have been taken off. It cannot be used anywhere else.


Escaping the house

Escaping the house with the master key.

The Master Key is composed of a handle and a blade. The handle is hexagonal in shape with a narrow rectangle shape cut out near the center of the handle. It is dark-red in color (although this may be due to lighting). The blade is silver, which would be what you would expect as the blade seems to be made of metal. It has 4 grooves along the blade.


The Master Key can spawn in these four locations:


  • Despite its name, it can only unlock the Main Door. This is misleading as the name "Master Key" implies that it can be used on every lock, when it cannot even open Locked Doors.
  • Unlike all the other items required to open the door, you must use the Master Key last.
  • If the player tries to open the door without all the locks taken off, a message will say "I cannot open this door yet".
  • This item is the most important item until the update 1.5, where the Player can escape by using the Car in the Garage
  • Just like the Padlock Code and Battery, this item isn’t required to escape anymore as the player can use the car method