The Meat Room is a room located on the Secret Area Middle Floor. It contains a table that could contain part of a Shotgun or the Cutting Pliers or the Battery or the Special Key.

The Meat Room contains the Hanging Meat. If the Player goes too close to the meat, it will fall, create a noise, and alert Granny.

As of Update 1.7, behind the Hanging Meat there is a door that will lead to the Subsidiary Room.


  • It was added in Version 1.1.
  • It is only connected to the Secret Area Middle Floor.
  • This and the meat proves that the previous victim is deceased.
  • Just like the Stair Closet, the Meat room is a possible hiding place due to its size but this is not recommended as the Player has no means of seeing if the coast is clear, unless they open the door which exposes them to Granny.
  • If you are playing with headphones and stand very close to the meat, you will hear a noise resembling flies which conveys that this meat is decaying flesh.
  • There is a very large pool of blood under the spot where the meat hangs.
  • if you are using an Outwitt Mod Menu and you select the Hanging Meat, it will say that it's a Cow Leg.
  • The sound of when the meat hits the floor is the same sound effect of when Ragdoll Granny hits the floor after being shot with the Tranquilizer Dart or the Shotgun or landing from the explosion.


Meat Room (Nightmare Mode)


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