The "Melon" is an item in Granny, and it is required to escape the house. It was added in Version 1.3.


Upon picking the Melon up for the first time during the game, the Player will realise that "Something is inside this Melon," Which is a key. It's unknown how the melon was managed to be emptied, have a key put in it, and get reattached since there are no stitches or any other visible feature to hold it together.

For the Melon to be opened, it has to be placed in the Guillotine and once the handle is pulled, it will be chopped open and make a dull thud. The melon will open and the item will be revealed, but this alerts Granny.


The location of the Melon corresponds to what it contains:

Location of Melon Inside the Melon
Workbench in Shed Playhouse Key
Kitchen Fridge Master Key
In the Well or the Bathtub Padlock Key
Car Trunk Spark Plug


  • The Melon is a lot more akin to a watermelon due to its color.
  • The Melon's size is similar to a human neck, as it fits perfectly inside the Guillotine.
  • The message found in the Hidden Tunnel informs the player that "She sometimes hides things inside fruits" which refers to the hiding a key in the melon.
  • The Melon is the first food item in the game, the second being the Meat.
  • The Melon isn't required for preset 1 as the Weapon Key is in the Playhouse which is optional, or preset 2 if the Player wishes to escape in the Car as the Master Key is found there. However, it is required in the other 3 positions for the Car Escaping Procedure, as it reveals the Spark Plug and Padlock Key.
  • It is required for all Main Door Escaping Procedure positions with the exception of preset 4 where it has the Spark Plug inside.